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A Christmas Story

To good people everywhere,

A Christmas Story.

As I reported in the matter with the forced removal of a child in my blog post on the 2nd of December. I am happy to report that the mother has now been reunited with her child today Christmas Eve. The matter is still not resolved but the mother and son are together full-time until the matter is actually heard in a Victorian Magistrates Court in late January 2020. I am happy about this as the child was removed with no evidence and on only innuendo, hearsay and unfounded accusations. The mother phoned us today and was “over the moon” as you could imagine.

I am also happy to report that one of the two DHHS caseworkers involved in this matter has in my understanding been removed from the case. It still remains to be seen whether Graeme Bell will post that caseworkers name onto facebook as he said he would, because she wrote very defamatory, untrue and misleading things about him in a disposition for the Court. If that has not been addressed, 2020 could be a very interesting year for all. She also wrote defamatory rubbish about me in that same disposition and for some strange reason even introduced references to the mothers involvement in Church groups like it was some kind of problem. Let us pray she has the sense to remove those things, that the disposition has not been provided to the Court and that she does not continue to target the advocates helping the family but rather focuses on what reasons they have, if any, for forcibly removing the child.

I pray for a time when children are only removed with real evidence of risk of harm, for the true best interests of a child and when these caseworkers with minimal skills ( and who often have never had children) are no longer charged with the powers to remove children.

Merry Christmas and Love to all

PS this is my Mum and Dad here in Adelaide, Mum is recovering from a big operation. Today I am feeling thankful because I never got ripped from my family and I love my parents. We all agree that having your children removed would be a most terrible thing and it should never happen to anyone without right or justification, without evidence, without judicial oversight and without (in over 66% of cases here in Australia) even any direct contact with the families.

All You Need Is Love

xxx Pastor Paul

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