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How The Australian Public Can Weaponise Facebook

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

How The Australian Public Can Weaponise Facebook

For those of you following my posts you would be aware that there was some recent controversy when I was provided the current home address of NSW Health Minister Mr Brad Hazzard and I re-published this address on Facebook to encourage people to letter write to him directly about the alleged governments highly disproportionate response to the sars cov 2 virus. This post caused a significant response and I was asked respectfully by the police to remove my post that contained his home address, notwithstanding that 100’s of other people had already publicly shared it previous to me even obtaining it. I actually found his address as it was already on Facebook.

In that now removed post I asked members of the public for any information about the current home addresses of Scott Morrison, Greg Hunt, Gladys Berejiklian & Brad Hazzard.

Several people have since contacted me with more information but I would like to now ask everyone of you to please further assist us and directly email or message me any information you have or may know about the home addresses (or any other useful personal contact information) on EVERY current sitting member of both the Australian State and Federal Parliaments.

Let us all use Facebook and social media together positively and could you please private message me this information that you may know or have or can find, to avoid any difficulties like I had previously. Remember most of us have neighbours, electricity bills, phone accounts and numerous other means by which we can be contacted.

There are several LAWFUL mechanisms at our disposal that we can use both within States, Territories and Federally to address the current situation in Australia and at this time we initially require as much personal contact information as we can find on these current sitting members. We would like to focus on the alleged federal, state and territory premiers, health ministers and all members of the national cabinet , but require ALL  sitting members that are currently in power within Australia.

If you could please support us in our efforts in this first step to obtain as much of this information as we can in preparation for these lawful actions and in respect of the important need for total openness and transparency.

My preferred best means of contact is by direct email to or if it is easier you can just message me.

Kindest Regards & God Bless

xxx Pastor Paul


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