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A Letter from Pastor Paul

Dearest friends

I hope you are all well and managing in what I feel is a world gone mad.

I very rarely contact you in this manner but I want to bring your attention to what I have been involved with over the last few years and the shocking truths I have uncovered. I imagine some of you may have some awareness of this or perhaps you already know? of that I am not sure.

In my view, and from my direct experiences, some new form of fascism has most certainly weaved its way into our system and is now well and truly upon us.

Of most significant importance, matters concerning the state control of our children and grandchildren are now completely out of control. I have witnessed first hand the draconian operations of the closed children’s courts throughout this country and I can assure you it has nothing to do with protecting the best interests of children, far from it.

It has been very difficult for me to get any media on this however Sydney Criminal Lawyers just released an article that at least gives a summary of where I am at. This article is both factual and helpful.

In 2020 I will have the Director of Public Prosecutions NSW in Court as well as significant others. The now head of FACS and Justice is still persecuting me through the courts but he has failed and the lid will soon be blown of a significant State Condoned Child Abuse and Child Trafficking System of global proportions. I wish I was joking but unfortunately I am not, it appears Jiddhu Krishnamurti was correct when he was quoted as saying:

“to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society is no measure of health”.

The politicians ignore me, the ministers ignore me, the courts suppress me, the federal police ignore me, some state police ignore me and some other state police want to help but cannot.

I am not looking for your help, I am not looking for support, I am not looking for anything. But as I have immense respect for each of you I just want you to be aware of this because I am not entirely sure how it will play out, but play out it most certainly will.

I am dealing with shocking cases on a daily basis of parents having their children ripped without any judicial oversight, without any evidence of any wrongdoing and it is simply heartbreaking to manage.

Parents rights to choice with their own children are fast eroding as the State exercises its “Parens Patriae “ jurisdiction over them all. Children are no longer safe in public schools and hospitals and can be removed without parents even being informed, without any evidence and without any judicial oversight. Never have the words of Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick In The Wall” carried such depth of meaning. There are significant people in both the Ministry and in the Judiciary that are fully culpable and fully responsible for acts of pure Evil.

The childrens courts in this country are in my view effectively like star chambers (I have been in many now) and the truth is so confronting that most people (just like in Germany before the second world war) do not want to believe that this is happening. People everywhere are living in fear, common law rights are being railroaded and now more than ever there is a significant need to educate people and raise awareness.

I have arguments before the Court of Equity and other jurisdictions concerning the separation of powers and other important fundamental democratic principles that effectively no longer exist. In my court matters ( just search NSW caselaw) I am exposing this complete and total systemic failure. At this time I actually have some Judges that simply ignore me and appear to have just dropped my court matters, I have others who have tried unsuccessfully to have me locked up for contempt. At one point in the last year there was an attempt by the government to charge me for a 20 year indictable offence for one comment I made on a facebook post, I get the feeling there are people with much to lose that are rather upset with me.

We have a small but dedicated national team working tirelessly with significant plans and strategies based on the fundamental democratic principles of free speech and open justice including a new independent multi-platform broadcast station not just for this specific matter but for all of our humanitarian concerns. We have global networks established outside of jurisdictions even though the power of The states are now transcending those jurisdictions and many laws have been covertly changed to reflect this. I guess you get that when over half of the ministry were or are lawyers.

Most of these new laws are unconstitutional laws but unfortunately the constitution cannot be challenged because unlike with the Westminster system our High Court in Australia does not have to provide reasons for refusing matters to be heard. We have a rather unique legal system in this country that despite having the words translated from latin “God and My Right” is now devoid of any such God and any such Right.

With the absence of God, there is the absence of Light and without light there is Darkness.

I dont expect any replies nor any correspondence from any of you other than to say I love you all and often think of you and you are in my hearts always, so please don’t feel any obligation to respond to this email, in some respects it may well be better to muse its content then go and sit under a tree, light a pipe and be thankful that there is still a tree to sit under.

I just wanted to let you know, I love and miss you all and when we next meet at least you will have some understanding of these matters.

I wish you all well, I love you all and I pray ceaselessly.

Kindest regards and God Bless

Pastor Paul

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