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Concert For Country Update and PRB temporary phone no

Hi all sincerest apologies for being a little off grid, Tamworth was full on for 8 days and my phone has malfunctioned (getting a replacement tomorrow in Tamworth) . If you need to contact me today please phone John Simpson 0418 289 896. Re the Concert For County its all rocking along great looks like it will be inside the hall as the weather on tuesday is pretty shaky if anyone needs somewhere to camp please call Marie 0417 895 566, her property is right next to the hall (you can see a green flag flying from the hall itself) Concert runs from about midday to 6pm and all free.

Tamworth was hugely successful, great work by everyone, Atrium rocked for 8 days, the wed night performance to 1200 people was huge complete with about 20 people singing on stage (thanks to lipstick and Spurs female acappella group joining us) Around 60 people walked to the front of stage in support (with tea lights) and we able to make our message quite clear, re Shenhua, Leard & The Pilliga situations, protection of Water, Agricultural Land and First Nation Cultural Heritage.

1000’s of people saw the protect the plains float in the Cavalcade (despite that we got hit with heavy rain and all got saturated) but what a great vibe and the punters were very very supportive.

Ill try and get stuff up in social media soon but having no phone and net is a little challenging , should have that sorted tomorrow.

Love to all

See you there xxx PRB

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