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Court of Appeal Judgement 6th March 2019

To good people everywhere. My application seeking Leave to Appeal the Equity Matter involving me as first defendant and Dr Andrew Katelaris as second defendant was dismissed by the Court of Appeal yesterday and costs were ordered against me.

The Judgement in my view raises some very interesting questions especially in regards to The Courts being secular and no longer recognising Christianity, God and Divine Law and also in respect to using Titles to take people to Court. The good news as part of our open justice system is you can now read for yourself that judgement and see those arguments as they were released to the public this morning.

I can of course Appeal this decision and if I were to do so I would have to seek Special Leave to the High Court within 28 days.

My Judgement of the summons judicial review of the Criminal Matter for identical charges is tomorrow Courtroom 10E in the Supreme Court NSW at 10am and my two civil matters are also still in process. I will share more details about all of this with some live casts soon as I believe I now can to some degree ascertain what I can and cannot say in public without being further charged and/or arrested or being held in Contempt of Court.

I cannot see how I could possibly be in breach of any orders for sharing something released to the public by the Courts themselves as they too would then be in breach by publishing the Judgement, so here it is and I hope I’m not mistaken?

Hold Steady Thy Mast xxx PRB

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