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Cutting To the Chase

“Cutting to the Chase”

To good people everywhere.

As I knew would eventually happen, unfortunately my Private Prosecution R v FACS caseworker was today withdrawn and closed down by the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP). So regrettably, not even Magistrate Price could keep it open for it to go to committal, as much as I truly and sincerely believe he did all he possibly could to assist me as a self represented individual. What I believe was clear to all the people present in the gallery, is that in this matter the court was most certainly not the determining body.

A government department controlled the court and even if Magistrate Price could have kept the matter open the DPP as the prosecuting body would have closed it anyway. The good news is, it took sometime as both the DPP and the crown solicitor had to produce delegated authority from the director himself and fortunately as the DPP took the matter over he cannot in this instance pursue me for thousands of dollars in costs.

I am going to request the transcript from the Registrar so I can share it with you all, to demonstrate to you what I have learnt is the truth about our judicial system. I personally felt I managed my arguments very well considering my limited skills and lack of funds, and I did this with as much dignity as I could in the situation. I believe all who witnessed today would now understand that true justice is not available to the good common folk and although I did not legally win, it was most certainly a victory for real truth which even the Magistrate himself acknowledged through his compassion for myself and the situation. This outcome was not his fault, he simply did not have the power to leave this matter open and to allow it to proceed, that was removed by the DPP and are matters of law created through the will of parliament and as I understand it, I have no right of appeal because it is not a court decision.

Even though I discussed the element of force being used at some length, this was not something the Magistrate had any jurisdiction over, that is, the DPP’s reasoning was not able to be challenged in any way, he simply took the matter over and closed it with no right of appeal or review that I can at this time determine. Basically in plain English, the DPP can pretty much determine what he wants and you cannot challenge or reason with that, nor can the Magistrate.

I of course still have four court matters in process, two for, and two against, that begin again from late January 2019 so this battle is far from over. I would like to personally thank all of you who came to support me, and all that were and are sending loving support from everywhere.

I will of course, along with many of you, continue to fight with all my heart for a future for all of our children and grandchildren, and together we will continue to “cut to the chase”.

Kindest regards, God Bless and never forget

All You Need Is Love xxx Pastor Paul

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