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High Court of Australia Update PRB

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

To good people everywhere.

In the interests of open justice and our right to freedom of speech.

I have been informed recently that my High Court Application Seeking Leave to Appeal the Equity Suppression Laws enforced upon Dr Andrew and myself was before the High Court on May 8th and that a date has now been set for determination on the 19th June 2019. Serendipitously this is the same date as Dr Andrew and I have to appear in the Newcastle Local Court for another mention of our criminal charges based on identical alleged evidence to the appealed Equity Court matter.

Dear Sir

Burton v. Family and Community Services NSW (S106/2019)

This application is listed for determination at 9:30 am on Wednesday, 19 June 2019 in Canberra. I advise that there is no need for the parties to attend in Canberra that day. The result of the application will be posted on the High Court website at by the end of the day. The Registry will also notify the parties by letter of the result of the application.

So on the 19th of June I will know whether my application seeking leave to the High Court has been granted.

The thing most on my mind at this time is what happens if you make it all the way to the High Court of Australia, the Highest Court in The land, and then you are not given reasons for a determination? Under common law a determination or judgment of any kind requires reasons. So what happens if they just write “Dear Mr Burton your application seeking leave to the High Court is refused”? Then what ?

For those of you aware of our court matters, the child in question in those matters, and his shocking violent unlawful removal, please read my application attached below and the questions I have asked the High Court to answer.

Note: For those of you that take the time to read this application please note that the High Court Registrar crossed out the words “Secretary” and “Dept” on the original High Court Application, despite the fact that this was how the entity was identified in all the lower courts leading to this appeal.

All You Need Is Love xxx PRB


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