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Letter of Support Serene Teffaha


To: The Victorian Legal Services Board and Commissioner

Level 5/ 555 Bourke Street Melbourne VIC 3000 By email: Tel: 03 9679 8000

RE: Complaint about the application to remove Solicitor Serene Teffaha off the role

Dear Commissioner my name is Pastor Paul Robert Burton, I am a Minister of Religion, Musician and a Human Rights Advocate.

I am also a member of the Holy Ramakrishna Order, The Family Preservation Network and I am the President of Our Land Our Water Our Future Inc.

I wish to raise with you a most serious matter that has been brought to my attention about the Victorian Legal Services Board and Commissioner.

I have heard that the board has made application to remove Solicitor Serene Teffaha off the Solicitors role.

Unfortunately I have no information of what the grounds for such a decision would be however there are in my view only three possibilities of which I am aware, and of which I can provide some further information for the board and the commissioner.

  1. Serene has been running a significant class action with thousands of members concerning the highly disproportionate response of the Victorian Government to the Sars-Cov-2 virus. In regards to this I remain hopeful that this has no part in the boards decision as the good people of Victoria and Australia have every right to challenge the government’s poor handling of this matter. As a social worker I have witnessed first hand the enormous negative impacts of these draconian government responses to what is effectively nothing more than a highly infectious cold. These responses have senselessly overridden our fundamental common law, constitutional and God given rights and as a direct consequence dealing with suicides has now become a normal part of my daily life. I have people on the phone trying to take their own lives every week now, these poor folk have literally been pushed to the brink by this insane response by the government. We the people have a right to challenge such decisions and to do that lawfully. Solicitors like Serene and others stand as an example to everything that is noble and respectful in our representative democracy. The people have a right to have different opinions, they have a right not to be publicly defamed and persecuted, and they have a right to a judicial system that allows those differences to be ventilated. So I pray that the boards decision is not one based on an attack of our fundamental democratic principles by removing someone from the bar who has of her own free will chosen to be a voice for the thousands of people suffering at the behest of these appalling governmental decisions.

2. There is a man who identifies himself as a public figure on Facebook who claims to have recently reported Serene to the commissioner for a speech at a public rally that she attended. Following that public event, defamatory articles appeared in mainstream media and videos were circulated on social media taking segments of that speech at that rally and cutting them in with fascist commentary. I am not sure who it was that done this but I have my suspicions. The person that claims to have reported Serene is a man who although acquitted, was responsible for killing an associate whilst on ice, his Facebook media portrays him holding a rifle. He often speaks on social media targeting people and deliberately creating controversy, he appears to enjoy this and the attention it brings him. I have been told his partner is a lawyer and is still practicing as a lawyer and he has even broadcast his defamatory accusations on video livecasts from her office with her advertising in the background whilst targeting Ms Teffaha and others. Interestingly the legal services board and commissioner have at this time done nothing about this.

If this information is part of the reason the board is considering removing Ms Teffaha from the role? Then In my view both the judiciary and organisations like the legal services board really need to weigh up who provides them information. They need to examine their motives, their intent, and they should consider very seriously the individuals providing this kind of alleged evidence from Facebook creations as having weight as evidence in their decisions.

I have seen this in court matters of my own where a very disturbed and mentally unstable individual created videos using old footage of me and reposting it to appear like I was breaching court orders, she then even went as far as to provide that information to crown solicitors who then without any investigation tendered it as evidence against me. This kind of behaviour in my view is deplorable and deserved of the most serious sanctions by the court so as with my first point I truly hope this is not one of the reasons the board has made application to strike off Ms Teffaha from the role.

  1. Thirdly and in my view most importantly, as an Advocate I am involved in many court cases nationally. Part of that role has allowed me to see evidence that the general public at large do not see.

In one case recently involving a group of people who were and are clearly wrongfully charged with being part of an international child trafficking syndicate, I have seen evidence of children disclosing horrific sexual abuse. I have also seen independent testimonies from numerous individuals clearly showing that those children were abused. This evidence is undeniable. I have seen statements and evidence that shows a senior police officer who has perjured himself. I have witnessed a grandmother charged and persecuted for over two years for stealing her own grandson when she had lawful custody awarded by the court. I have seen a Doctor and others who tried to protect some of these children treated like criminals. I have seen numerous independent reports showing that some of these children have not only disclosed horrific sexual abuse but have actually been subjected to it, and that the people that were charged by the Federal Police were in most part either parents or grandparents of those children or caring associates that were doing what they could to protect those children from that abuse.


And most importantly I know that Magistrate Gett behaved with clear bias and made the most absurd accusations at some of the defendants in that matter. In one instance he accused one defendant of criminal defamation when no such elements existed. He did this deliberately in my view in an attempt to thwart that mans right to a lawful defence, a man who was trying to protect those children from harm or at the very least was convinced they were at significant risk of harm. Magistrate Gett also made the most absurd complaints about Ms Serene Teffaha simply because she raised the TRUTH about the disclosures of child sexual abuse by a child and that a senior police officer had clearly perjured himself.

And now if I am correct in my understanding this same Magistrate has made complaint of Ms Teffaha to the legal services board and commissioner and they in response appear to be acting on these complaints like they are made in good faith when that is most certainly not the case by any stretch of the imagination.


I would like the legal services commission to know that not only have I seen all the evidence that I have mentioned, I also have evidence from numerous other cases nationally showing unequivocally and most definitely that some members of the constabulary, judiciary and alleged child protection departments are involved in State Condoned Child Trafficking and Child Abuse.

As I have said recently to Justice Brereton in the NSW Court of Appeal and many other learned and respected Judges here in NSW, one of the principal purposes of our Courts in this country through the separation of powers doctrine, (a founding pillar of our representative democracy), is to stand as an independent arbitrator between the government and the people. This in my view is one of the most respected and important positions within our society.

With this in mind it is my belief that the legal services board and who ever presides over these decisions, should consider this very deeply, and to also consider deeply the implications of any decision to actually strike off Ms Teffaha and the inevitable ramifications on our social stability. The person in my view that should be before a legal services board and commissioner is Magistrate Gett, he is an embarrassment to the Judiciary and deserved of the highest sanction by the courts.

It is now only a matter of time before the true extent of this countries corruption and its own government’s involvement in child abuse and child trafficking is known to the world, the truth always has this wonderful way of bubbling to the surface eventually.

I will pray that the Legal Services Board and Commissioner make the right decision and do not strike off Ms Teffaha and that the appropriate governing authorities are made aware of the appalling behaviour of Magistrate Gett and that this is managed in a way befitting someone who fails in their significant responsibilities as a Magistrate.

This is ultimately about the children, it is about all of our children, and I, and many of the public, have had an absolute “gutful” of government departments failing those children. We will no longer tolerate those who remain silent, and those who consciously and knowingly continue to hide this systemic child abuse.

I am also completely over the projection techniques whereby those people and organisations charged with the protection of our children project their own shocking misfeasance and failings upon the innocent, this is by far the most disgraceful of activities as it eventuates in the persecution of innocent people and those who stand in truth to expose corruption.

I will pray that the legal services commission make the right decision and if they fail in that decision, I along with many many others, as part of a significant national alliance, will ensure the public knows the truth.

Kindest Regards and God Bless Pastor Paul Robert Burton “atmano mokshatham jagat hitaya cha” For One’s own welfare and the welfare of all. – Swami Vivekananda “Speak out on behalf of the voiceless, and for the rights of all who are vulnerable.” – Prov 31:8 “There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known” – Luke 12:2 “Not by power nor by might, but by spirit sayeth The Lord” – Book of Zechariah 4:6

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