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Letter To Luke Cornelius


Dear assistant commissioner Luke Cornelius I take offence at your recent live recorded interview where you blatantly combine 5G Anti Vaxers , Anti Maskers and call them all a “ Tin Foil Hat Brigade” then adding to that what you call sovereign citizens ( mainly indigenous Australians) and people concerned with constitutional issues.

Firstly my concern as a human rights advocate and as minister of religion is a very real and genuine concern about an overriding of our fundamental common law rights , our God given inalienable rights and most importantly in Australia our constitutional rights. For example the right to gather together to pray and the right to protect our children from risk of significant harm.

As an assistant police commissioner I find it deeply distressing that you would join us all together, especially many of us with legitimate and very real concerns about our rights, people like me fighting in the courts, and then to join us all into one targeted group and hence making us part of your tin foil hat brigade , this shows a significant level of profound ignorance and arrogance on your part.

Many Australians value the Australian Constitution they value their right to privacy, they value their common law right to protect their goods and chattel and their homes and their families and especially to protect their children. By placing us all together with your “tin foil hat brigade” you in effect target many good people that conduct themselves lawfully to maintain and protect both social stability and these most important rights. So if for example I want section 116 of the constitution upheld am I now “bat shit crazy” and targeted by the police ?

For those of us in Australia who are lawful abiding citizens that know our rights and argue for those rights in the courts, you and your officers will be placing us all in a very difficult position as in my view you will in effect be taking the argument away from the courts, into your own foolish hands and onto the streets. This is in actuality criminal behaviour and not behaviour that should be associated with policemen as it both perverts the course of justice and creates social instability.

I expected more of the Police and as an Assistant Commissioner I find you very disappointing. I wonder how long it will be before you start killing innocent people at the behest of your State?

Kindest Regards and God Bless Pastor Paul

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