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Looks like the address for Mr Hazzard was correct

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Original Removed Post 

Does anyone know the home addresses for either Scott Morrison, Greg Hunt, Glady’s Berejiklian or Brad Hazzard ?

They no longer respond to their emails or office calls and I’d like to begin by writing to them directly about my significant greivances concerning the highly disproportionate response to the alleged sars cov 2 virus.

Cheers xxx Pastor Paul

By email 8am Mon 23rd of August 2021

From a Dectective Senior Constable

Paul – I am getting calls from all sorts of agencies re your posting the Health Minister’s address online. I realise what you are advocating is people sending him letters but the Minister has been receiving death threats and a number of suspicious cars and individuals have been loitering near his home. I would ask that you remove this – the potential for violence is quite real and anybody turning up there is likely to be dealt with as a serious threat – it’s not a good situation at all. I tried to call earlier but didn’t get an answer – am happy to discuss.

I hope this finds you well.

By return email 3:12pm

Hi ######,

FYI I found the address for Mr Hazzard on facebook a few days ago with a “likeminded families” group who already walked peacefully to his house concerning the recent suicides as a result of lockdowns. I believe hundreds of people already had his home address long before I shared it for people to send letters of complaint.

I understand your position ###### and what you have raised in our phone conversation so in the interests of social stability and in respect I have removed my posts on my timeline and any timelines in my control but I cannot now remove anything or post anything as I have been banned for three days for that same post requesting people to write letters.

Brad and Kerry’s absolutely disgraceful interview with David Shoebridge and the Senators has gone viral globally and the recent death’s (or at least comas ?) of the two students injected in the stadium that Graeme Bell confirmed with Mark Latham’s Office that is being hidden by the alleged government is an absolutely appalling state of affairs.

People are furious ###### and rightly so. As you are aware I do not condone violence of any kind but in my view and the view of many members of the public, it is Mr Hazzard’s criminal actions, and the criminal actions of the other members of his party, that are the real concerns here, and I can see why he would have conscience issues and be worried with the public sharing his home address.

I hope and pray that he and the other treasonous politicians (as they listen to the dictates of foreign powers and multi national corporations) responsible for so much suffering and now in my view responsible for murder are all held fully culpable and we look forward to the day that he and the other fully culpable politicians are lawfully arrested and convicted for their crimes against their own people and especially against our children and grandchildren.

In the meantime as it appears they may be going to charge me again, I guess it will be for inciting people to letter write? or perhaps for re-publishing the home address of a criminal masquerading as a politician ?  it will be great to catch up for a coffee anyway.

I often wonder why the government always seems to want to blame me for their malfeasance ? and for four years they have tried everything they could to target me for lawfully challenging them in the courts and for exposing state condoned child trafficking and child abuse so why not blame me for COVID as well, makes sense to me!

Give me a call when its time to collect me but remember I have a mask exemption that is in part for trauma from when I was pepper sprayed four years ago when they forcibly removed Chase without any right or justification and without any judicial oversight, so you may have to set up some special quarters for me or send policeman that are not frightened of catching a cold, or perhaps in the alternative I could request to have unvaccinated police only for my arrest ?

Chat soon and thank you as always for your respectful approach and manner, always appreciated.

Kindest Regards & God Bless



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