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Malicious Prosecution Sydney District Court 13th to 17th Feb 2023

Again, for those of you who are aware of my now 5 1/2 year battle in the courts, Dr Andrew Katelaris and I have a Malicious Prosecution against Lloyd Babb (The Former Director of Public Prosecutions NSW) and Michael Coutts-Trotter (The Former Secretary of FACS/DCJ NSW) in their personal capacities listed for a 5 day hearing in Sydney District Court 86 - 90 Goulburn Street SYDNEY NSW 2000 on Monday 13th of February until Friday the 17th of February 2023 (Court room TBA). The matter is listed as a special fixture, meaning if it takes longer it will continue until it is complete.

I have subpoenaed a number of witnesses , including three workers from the department of FACS/DCJ, and one police officer. Andrew and I intend to show the court that the actions of Mr Babb and Mr Coutts-Trotter against both of us have been malicious and without reasonable and probable cause.

This matters involves the forced and violent removal of a first nation child that the court code named "Christopher" in mid 2017 who was being treated with medicinal cannabis and in part about a mainstream TV station that released a special about the child.

The matter will be held in an open court and will run for around five days. On the first two days I will be testifying and tendering all the evidence I have to show malice. On days three and four I will be questioning the witnesses and on day 5 drawing our case to a close.

To a large degree the Government have in my view succeeded as this event occurred 5 1/2 years ago and in that time thousands more children have been removed by the NSW State Government without judicial oversight, based on false and misleading information.

All I have learnt so far in my 6 year persecution by the government is that there is no justice in the justice system, the separation of powers doctrine appears to be nothing more than lip service, Australia leads the world for child removals and is still today actively involved in genocide against our first nation people. Parents who have their children removed by the state have next to no chance of getting them back, and in the rare event one does, the family and children are psychologically damaged forever anyway. The one and only thing that does truly work is to ensure they never take your children in the first place and to use all force that is reasonable up to and including lethal force if absolutely necessary to protect your children. At least this way if they are still able to remove your child or children, if you survive, you will get a jury trial and at least a chance of some kind of justice.

Don't waste your time with the children's courts as they are not courts by any stretch of the imagination. They are nothing more than the judicial arm of the department with the attributes of star chambers and they never ever weigh up the poor outcomes of children in alleged care. They are secret courts that even use force themselves on occasion to stop members of the public entering the court rooms, so much for open justice !!!

And most importantly of all exercise your common law rights and DON'T EVER let the department (with or without the police) into your home without a lawfully sworn warrant, force them to put everything in writing by email, they lie about everything, they are not paid to keep families together, they are paid to remove children, see the graph below from the productivity commission, this is what it's all about, your children are financial units for a now 7.5 billion dollar national child state condoned child trafficking industry.

xxx Pastor Paul

"Nationally, the following number of children aged 0–17 years received protective intervention services and out‑of‑home care services during 2020‑21 (also reported as a rate per 1000 children in the population):

  • 293 585 children were the subject of notifications; 51.9 notifications per 1000 children

  • 105 407 children were the subject of a finalised investigation; 18.6 finalised investigations per 1000 children

  • 49 690 children were the subject of a substantiation; 8.8 substantiations per 1000 children

  • 61 743 children were on care and protection orders at 30 June 2021; 10.9 children on care and protection orders per 1000 children

  • 46 212 children were in out‑of‑home care at 30 June 2021, 8.2 per 1000 children aged 0–17 years, with a further 10 115 children in other supported placements."


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