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My Private Prosecution R v FACS Caseworker

To good people everywhere.

As I shared in my last post the crown solicitor currently operating with carriage of my Private Prosecution  R v FACS Caseworker,  has approached the director of public prosecutions Mr Lloyd Babb in person (this time), to again shut down this matter.

As you can imagine, I am most distressed about this as all the elements were and are proven and this has now been going on for around 18 months. I believe if Mr Babb simply closes this matter down again after it was originally approved by a local court magistrate, that the administration of justice will fall into complete and utter disrepute, and we the good people everywhere will lose all faith in our mythical rule of law and any semblance of ever getting any kind of justice in a supposed justice system. What hope does anyone have when after so many people witnessed these events, we cannot even get a hearing.

This Monday 26th of November I provided a 12 page submission to Mr Babb complete with additional affidavits and support statements requesting he not close this matter down. I also added a complete copy of my comprehensive Brief Of Evidence (BOE)  because I became aware that the crown solicitor was editing it. Thousand of people saw this event on social media whereby an Indigenous Australian child now named “Christopher” by the closed children’s courts, was violently and savagely ripped from his loving family, our Divine Place of Worship, our spiritual and indigenous community, and where I and other members of our assembly, were then later violently pepper sprayed, battered and assaulted.

Thousands of people were traumatised as they watched with horror as these events unfolded live on social media.

Then following this event,  a massive persecution erupted whereby both the family and other members in our community where publicly vilified in a shocking social media attack which I believe was initiated to hide the disgraceful actions of family and community services (FACS) NSW, a government department in absolute crisis.

This matter is listed for mention again on the December the 7th in the Newcastle Local Court NSW and I imagine Mr Babb will be making his decision whether or not to simply close this matter down by that date.

In the next week or two I intend to share with you all a redacted copy of that submission because I am completely and utterly over the 18 months of vilification and FACS targeted legal attacks on my work and my person,  all for me simply speaking the Truth. If this matter is just closed down without a hearing,  then in my humble opinion that is the end of democracy as we all know it, it is the end of the rule of law as we know it,  and if any of you are ever unfortunate enough to have one or more of your children taken by this disgraceful government department, you have in my opinion literally no hope ever of getting those children back.

I have never asked this matter be determined in my favour, only that it be heard by a just court of law, but instead I have been targeted and attacked and drawn into five significant court cases as this department in crisis thrashes around like Mordor in The Lord Of The Rings before it plummets to its inevitable doom deep into the pits of darkness and evil from whence it came.

So, when the judicial system fails and a government wishes to jail me for nothing other than being a hapless victim like a poor small defenceless child and speaking the truth to the hearts of all, like a poor helpless defenceless child. Then it is time to make a very clear choice and that choice is fast approaching not just for me but for all of you that know the Truth.

Before the next episode in our Court of Public Opinion, lets reflect on the role of the director of public prosecutions in the plaque that sits upon the wall outside his office in Sydney, expounding his, and his delegates magnificent role, vision and values. I find it ironic that they dare to question who and what we all are, when their behaviour to date has fallen so short of their own guiding principles, the hypocrisy beggars belief.

Dear Lord God and Creator of all,  I call on the hearts and minds of all good people everywhere to pray and affirm together to have this matter heard in a just court of law and that some semblance of Truth and Justice remains, in this world that fast loses all sight of you Lord and Creator, in its own senseless greed and self interest. I pray thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven and that we all together invoke the Lords Prayer and the prayers of all your names through all those that worship you with pure intent. Thy Will Be Done, Thy Will Be Done.

Kindest regards and God Bless

xxx Pastor Paul.

The DPP Guiding Principles

Our Role – To provide for the people of NSW an independent, efficient, fair and just prosecution service.

Our Vision – A criminal prosecution system that is accepted by the community as being equitable and acting in the public interest.

Our Stakeholders – The NSW Parliament, the Judiciary, The Courts, Police, victims, witnesses, accused persons and others in the criminal justice system and the community.

Our Values Independence – Advising in, instituting and conducting proceedings in the public interest, free of influence from inappropriate political, individual and other sectional interests.

DPP Prosecution Guidelines

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