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Namoi Independent ” Well Protest ” 

Hi all here’s an article about Mondays gathering FYI.

Please ignore Whitehaven and the governments mention of stringent environmental standards it’s a huge hole in the forest that will never ever be the same again , there are no environmental protections nor protections for cultural heritage. A corporation called “Whitehaven” has the native title !!! There share price has crashed , people associated with the mine have gone bankrupt , the company has made nothing from destroying the environment and a few key members pay themselves very well. Simply put they privatise the profit and socialise the loss. Deep down I’d like a finish like in the film “Avatar” where all the animals join us and every one combines together to expose the truth about both this corporation and our appalling government who fully support it . They destroy the environment and “smash” sacred sites at the same time as they spruke “closing the gap” and being righteous , the shear hypocrisy makes me sick to my core , Tis a shameful disgrace. I imagine one day this huge hole in the ground will be an enormous grave for all of their greed selfishness and the untold suffering they have caused. xxx PRB

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