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OLOWOF Limited Charitable Status Revoked by ACNC.

Hi all , i would like to share that ACNC (The Aust Charities and Not For Profits Commission) have recently revoked OLOWOF Inc’s Tax Concession Charity Status (TCC). To clarify we do not have full DGR status i.e. tax deductible donations  like Greenpeace, Lock The Gate and Sea Shepherd. The status revoked enabled us to receive tax deductible grants, we have received only one grant in five years years for a mere $5000, received over three years ago . This Charitable Status  enables the organisation (that provides us with a grant) to claim it as a tax deduction. The ACNC  have also backdated this status to March this year without any prior notification and of course with no explanation or justification.

Since as of today we have about $700 in the bank, we have only ever received one grant (fully accounted) in nearly five years, my personal tax is up to date showing what personal money’s I have contributed to OLOWOF inc,  about $17,000 , my life savings. Also not withstanding the amazing commitment of all our volunteers, none of whom have ever been paid one penny for anything. I find it quite hilarious, we have been asked to do income tax but unfortunately we have no income ?

I have been speaking recently with a few philanthropic providers about other small grants, as we are in need of some humble funds to help run a “family health day” in Williamtown  Nov for the 650 + families poisoned by PFC’s, and a farmers fundraiser in Tamworth January.

I can only presume that the  Governement does not want us to help people in need, and would like to make sure we cannot ever get any significant funds. I can understand this, because, if we can achieve what we have, just with volunteers and no income, just imagine what we could do with some funds !

We will of course object and challenge this desicion. We are a group dedicated to Environmental Protection and  we will continue to do just that. I look forward to a time when we have a Government that supports groups like ours, not one that persecutes them.

love to all, xxx PRB

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