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Parklea Correctional Centre

Parklea Correctional Centre complete with black Ravens flying around everywhere, reminiscent of Mordor from Lord Of The Rings. Visiting today the 10th March as a paralegal to see and assist CG (name has been suppressed) to help with his annulment application.

For those of you not aware Dr Andrew Katelaris and I were the first people ever charged for breaching section 105 of the Child Protection Act NSW , allegedly saying the name of a child on Facebook, however CG (name has been suppressed)  was the first person ever convicted, 14 months in gaol.

We have helped CG (name has been suppressed) file an annulment application listed for hearing on the 26th March at Mt Druitt Local Court. We have also applied to the Dept of Immigration to get his visa reinstated to stop him being sent to Villawood and then deported back to the Philipines.

In my view it is very cruel and unjust to gaol someone, then try to deport them and to suppress it from the public,  simply for putting up pictures of their own children on Facebook and saying that DOCS stole their children without any right or justification, which is the truth. And that they haven’t seen those children for years and the most terrible thing of all is that they went to DOCS for help, and shit did they help alright absolutely decimated the entire family.

So God asked that we intervene to assist.

All You Need Is Love

xxx Pastor Paul

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