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Pastor Paul Court Update

Hello good people everywhere and big hugs to those who attended court today in support. Today was the first day where i must confess i felt the full gravity of how angry this government is at me specifically for speaking truth and challenging them. I also became fully aware to what degree they will try and make an example of people like myself and Dr Andrew Katelaris. Now, fyi the good Dr did not appear today as he was confused and thought he was the second defendant in the criminal charges like in our interim orders in the Equity Court, meaning i could represent for him, this however was and is not correct. I was able to convince Magistrate Stone of Dr Andrew’s oversight and narrowly avoided a bench warrant being issued and him being arrested and thrown in gaol again. I’m a little angry at Dr Andrew as i feel he doesn’t really understand how much they wish to persecute and how such a simple blunder could lock him up for months. Anyway, we have a happy ending of a kind as i was able to explain to Magistrate Stone the confusion around this matter and narrowly avoided the Dr’s incarceration again.

I have made his honour aware i will be pleading not guilty to all my charges, further to this that i elect my right to a jury, as several of the charges are table 1 offences and i can elect a jury. I have informed his honour that i intend to raise a notice of motion (NOM) challenging the charges as while the other matter is at foot this is, i believe, a vexatious abuse of process of significant proportions and that it opens a veritable legal “pandoras box of anacondas!” Two cases running with identical charges , one in civil, one in criminal, one has run for six months filled with fabricated evidence and hearsay with no charge possible and the other now begins with the same alleged offences charged criminally. Anyway to close, Dr Andrew must appear next Thursday 1st Newcastle Local Court  for his criminal charges and i will receive a brief of evidence on 22nd March with next mention for me on April 6th. Love to all xxx PRB

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