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PRB Court Update August 2018

Hello to good people everywhere and big Love to all.

For those who are interested in my five matters now before several jurisdictions in several NSW Courts, I would like to share what I believe I am able to share without breaching my current suppression orders.

  1. In regards to the Equity Court Matter brought before the Court by The Secretary of Family and Community Services, and the interim Supression orders that were placed upon  Dr Andrew Katelaris (second defendant) and myself (first defendant) by Justice Rein on July 18th 2017, without the hearing of our defence at that time. These orders have finally been made by Justice Robb on Friday the 3rd of August 2018. I still have concerns as I believe my defence has not been adequately addressed but as the final permanent interim interlokutory orders now stand ( i’m pretty sure thats correct, hence the confusion!), both Andrew and I now face sequestration of all our assets and inprisonment up to and including life inprisonment if we contravene those orders. Unlike with Law, In a Court of Equity if we are found to be in Contempt of Court, the sentencing has no limit. Considering the criminal charges themselves only carry a maximum of two years inprisonment, I consider that this, in my understanding, usurps the will of Parliament. Consequently for this and many other good reasons I have now appealed this matter to The Supreme Court of Appeal, notwithstanding the near $4000  fee to do so which i am currently trying to waive or remit. I am thankful that Justice Robb has finally made a determination as I could immediately appeal the matter once an order was actually made.  I have written to his associate requesting a copy of these suppression orders suitable for release to the public as I feel the matter is of important public interest, but as yet have had no response. I have a sealed copy of the orders (they cost me $61 for my own orders against me), but I must confess I find the wording so ambiguous I am reluctant to do or share anything on social media as I can no longer determine what I can or cannot say in any capacity.  Further to this, as I have no representation, limited funds (music and donations for helping people) and not even the Court it appears at this time, will assist me with understanding these orders, I consider this a rather effective complete blanket ban on me doing or saying anything that is considered published or broadcast. The only thing I believe I can still do safely on social media is to sing, but even then I am not entirely sure, because as a bard we feel an obligation to both entertain, educate and to sing about things that are happening of significant importance both locally and globally. I absolutely and resolutely refuse to be forced to only play cover songs. That is, to only play songs by other people as my words might be a problem if they can in any way be linked with certain people and events. This is every creative artists worst nightmare, and what if I sing a song and they just think I’m singing about something that I’m not, then what ?

  2. In regards to the Criminal Suppression Charges and Section 105 Child Protection  Act Suppression Charges against Dr Andrew and myself where we have been charged separately for identical matters that have now finally been applied in Equity. I recently raised a Notice of Motion with several strong grounds that was dismissed by Magistrate Stone in the Local Court Newcastle on the 6th July 2018. I have since appealed his desicion with an order in the nature of certiorari and mandamus and this matter is listed for case management in The Supreme Court Sydney this Thursday. Despite the fact I have no delusions of the level and degree of corruption that now exists in our own system, I cannot possibly see any way I cannot win this matter, as the entire case in my opinion has more holes in it than a vegetable strainer!

  3. In regards to my now third Private Prosecution against a FACS Caseworker. I was again concerned as happened previously, that the matter would simply be closed down by the DPP at the request of The Crown Solicitor without even the opportunity of a Hearing, despite all the elements for the matter being present. I consider this ultimately perverting the course of justice and at the very least it brings the administration of Justice into disrepute in the eyes of the reasonable person properly informed. This matter has now also been Summoned to The Supreme Court Common Law Division and I am currently waiting for a listing date.

  4. In regards to my Statement of Claim Assault Battery Charge in the District Court PRB v The State of NSW,  this matter has been filed and listed for first mention in Newcastle District Court on Thursday 6th Sept.

  5. In regards to my NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal matter concerning a significant child fostering corporation in NSW and the continued intimidation by a government dept that provides them with many of their children, this too is listed for first mention this week.

For those of you wondering about Dr Andrew Katelaris. He is currently enjoying his freedom and very supportive of my new “enforced Legal direct placement work experience training career”. He of course has all the same conditions applied to him as I do above in The Equity and Criminal Matters however, he also has further strict bail conditions that are, in my humble opinion, so draconian that he is unable to really work in any capacity. The good news is I guess it should be pretty easy to get the dole though, when the Government refuses your right to work! I am in a slightly better position as Court matters and preparation now  consume around only 40 to 60 hours per week but I can still talk and perform at an occassional unpublished event without the possibility of going to gaol. Andrews’s  bail conditions, outside of him not being able to do anything with cannabis, not even to mention it, effectively say (in my words), that he goes directly to Gaol if he so much as tells someone to eat an apple, that is, he has Court Orders preventing him from giving basic dietary advice of any kind. This is very challenging for a dietician and this being the case, I guess if he says “don’t eat at McDonalds” , thats it, he’s screwed ! I am also most concerned about the idea of a bbq gathering and connect at his place he suggested as we hardly see each other really, I may need to check with the Courts if its ok to ask him for a sausage? Unfortunately Andrews bail conditions in my understanding  are not just applied to publishing and broadcast, but everything he does. Perhaps he could apply for a bail variation application so he can  discuss diet at a bbq, but thats would cost about $5000.

In this interesting and compelling tale that no significant media anywhere reports in any capacity and no politicians will fearfully and pathetically even dare tread,  I find myself very comfortable and confidant in everything I am doing, and my fundamental reasons for doing it. I am thankful for the support of all good hearted people everywhere that know Truth, and I am especially thankful to Creator, as I have learnt much and continue to grow stronger in my spiritual conviction to Truth, Justice and Love, in situations that I believe would otherwise destroy most people,  and has for many, for generations, and still does and is.

The most challenging thing I find is simply being suppressed from expressing Love and regard for some specific people I know, but this also help me to truly understand, on a very very  deep level,the real struggles faced by many families that  have been deprived of those that they love.

In regards to the global movement away from any semblance of Democracy into all out Fascism I still remain hopeful we have a chance as a species. As an aside, if for any reason I do at some point in the foreseeable future, come to an unfortunate abrupt end. Do not ever believe I committed suicide or any other rubbish story purported through any media, it will undoubtedly be murder, have no delusions about that.

I am hopeful, that as I consider my life journey far far less significant than that of Martin Luther King Junior, Gandhi Ji, JFK or John Lennon, I  remain blissfully optimistic that I will not meet the same end.

Love to all, God Bless, stay strong, pray often and note below, that I have not lost my sense of humour, for then it Truly Is The End !!!

xxx Pastor Paul.

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