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PRB Court Update October 2019

To good people everywhere, I would like to share with those of you who are interested, (relying on the democratic principles of open justice) the latest news concerning the three Court matters currently on foot relating to myself and Dr Andrew Katelaris.

One of these matters was initiated by the then Secretary, Dept of Family and Community Services (FACS), the second by the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) at the behest of The Secretary of FACS, and one at this time initiated in response, by myself.

  1. My Collateral Abuse claim against The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) NSW was heard in the Court of Appeal on July the 22nd 2019 before a Coram of three judges (including the President of the Court of Appeal) and is still currently listed as Judgment Reserved (list no 9). The Judgment has been reserved now for about 10 weeks and according to the Supreme Court Registrar there is no legislation that limits the time allowed for a reserved Judgment to be made, that is, the Court of Appeal could effectively reserve a judgment for years, however I do appear to have some options to try to encourage an answer from the Highest Court and Judges in the State of NSW. This claim directly effects three of ten criminal charges against me (and 2 of 5 charges against Dr Andrew) that can never ever succeed because the orders to which they relate have no temporal or spacial element. That is, the orders do not say when they were in force, or where they were in force, so they are foredoomed to fail as they were never ever in force. I already know from the Appeal in July, and from the Judges comments and statements at that Appeal, that they understood my argument and that my claim has significant merit, this is further supported by the fact that the judgment has been reserved for months. The DPP should not prosecute people for charges that can never succeed as this is vexatious and would enable the DPP to charge people for anything anywhere just to cause undue stress and suffering. Unfortunately whilst the decision is reserved in The Court of Appeal the DPP still continues to  prosecute us for these charges that can never succeed. Ultimately this will only add to the vexatious nature of this matter and the malicious prosecution that will undoubtedly follow as these matters have  been on foot for nearly 2 years in the criminal jurisdiction, and 2 1/2 years in Equity.

  2. The second matter concerns the now 2 1/2 year suppression of myself and Dr Andrew Katelaris from saying the name of a child and discussing that child until the conclusion of the Children’s Court proceedings for that child. I requested this matter be dismissed on the 12th August this year as the Children’s Court matter concluded in January 2019, the child has been returned to his family, is no longer in jurisdiction, and the Courts cannot use “Parens Patriae” to maintain the suppression as there is nothing to protect. Also further to this, The Secretary, FACS (The Plaintiff) has been abolished by royal assent of the Governor so I no longer even know who the Plaintiff is in that Court Case, and that even if the Plaintiff was not abolished, The Secretary is not a juridical person and never had the power to be the Plaintiff anyway.  As a further note the original interlocutory (interim) injunction has continued for 2 1/2 years without final submissions and a hearing and the Judgment of that suppression has also been suppressed. Decision restricted [2018] NSWSC 371So again in plain English, “the suppression has been suppressed.” I would like this restriction removed on this judgment so I can show it to you all, but I doubt the Courts will do this as they have too much to hide and it would reveal the entire affair and how poorly it has been handled by both FACS, The DPP , The Crown Solicitors and The Courts themselves. The entire affair is also revealing that there is no longer any separation of powers, no true rule of Law, no representative democracy and reveals it all as nothing more than a mockery of laughable proportions, notwithstanding the massive amount of pain and suffering the entire system creates on a daily basis. As with the Court of Appeal this matter has also been reserved and the Attorney General has been contacted with a request that he intervene. He has advised that he cannot intervene because the matter has been concluded but this is incorrect as it is still on foot? So now the new Dept of Communities and Justice even misleads the Attorney General, to be completely honest I no longer know who the Plaintiff is in this Equity matter and whether or not the matter is still on foot but the suppression still applies as it has not been removed. I don’t wish to appear in any way disrespectful but I feel like I am now dealing with a pack of five year olds, it is beyond Monty Python, I am speechless.

  3. In regards to the Criminal Charges against myself and Dr Andrew Katelaris, we are next listed in the Newcastle Local Court on the 5th of Nov to Hear a Notice of Motion (NOM) I raised and pending the outcome of that, to move to committal.  I have raised a NOM to stop the three charges from being pushed through that can never succeed, and to have the indictable and summary matters heard apart, not together as they are not related. This in effect means there could well be two trials, one with a jury and one without. If you want to know more about this both Dr Andrew and I would certainly appreciate people in the gallery. Local Court Newcastle 5th Nov 2019 9.30am to hear my NOM and possibly move to committal so it should take about an hour and could happen anytime after 9.30am.

I understand that the above could appear very confusing for those of you who haven’t been forced into a 2 1/2 year Legal Work Experience Crash Course (LWECC), like me, but for those of you following this matter and who realise the possible ramifications it will be of some significant interest.

My apologies to you all for not appearing live on Facebook for some time and for not playing much music live on social media, but please understand that in Jan 2019 there was an attempt initiated by FACS to charge me with a 20 year indictable offence through The Fixated Person’s Unit for one alleged comment by me on one post by a third party on Facebook.  The Fixated Person’s unit thankfully did not charge me after we met but I am still trolled by FACS operatives and stooges in the hope they can get anything on me to cause me even more suffering and stress. All of this in my view has nothing to do with the child and his unlawful forced removal witnessed by millions, its an all out attack on our fundamental human and common law rights. Thats why we fight in the Courts, to expose the corruption.

The greater issue for us all now in my view, is to what degree the Courts and the DPP are complicit in the disgraceful activities of FACS or any other related created Department of the NSW State Government? And whether or not we really have any separation of powers? And how we can stop the NSW State Government stealing children for profit and destroying poor hapless families, something that has no place in Australian Society nor any society.

I believe from my direct real living experiences that Family and Community Services are a department in absolute crisis. They misuse and mislead  the judicial system, they fabricate evidence and they intimidate and control people through fear and oppression. FACS do not honour their statutory obligations and the Childrens Courts do not enforce that statute, so consequently children are removed on a now daily basis in NSW, without  warrant, without right or justification and without any judicial oversight and all behind closed courts with no juries.

The sad undeniable reality is the system is so broken that if a child were removed from his or her parents (section 43/44 CP Act) and it was found that every reason for that removal was wrong, it would still take a family at least two years in NSW to get that child back, and thousands and thousands of dollars in legal fees, and even then it is highly unlikely they would ever get their child back, the money is in removal not restoration. This is the sad truth of what the system has now become. Then of course once that child is forcibly removed and in the system, the outcomes for them are absolutely appalling as it is the system itself that is in a large part responsible for intergenerational abuse and untold suffering historically to millions of people in Australia alone. And they wonder why so many people are sick and messed up! and why our society is on the brink of collapse.

I believe our court matters are of significant public interest as they concern our fundamental common law rights. The State Government rips children from kind loving families (especially those that are of indigenous origin and/or have identified significant disabilities)  and amounts to State Condoned and apparent Judiciary Condoned Child Abuse and Child Trafficking.

The reason I believe they have been so vexatious to both myself and Dr Andrew Katelaris is because our fearless efforts are exposing a very corrupt system that is in a large part responsible for horrific intergenerational child abuse and that it impacts a multi-billion dollar global “Cash for Kids” industry.

FACS rather obviously by there own behaviour, have much to fear.

As horrible as the last three years  has been for me I would much rather be on this side of the fence than to be responsible for such untold suffering to so many good people and I pray to the Creator for real Justice and that all those responsible for these atrocities are held fully culpable. This I believe is coming.

These people know nothing about Love and Truth, the system will for this reason alone, inevitably fall, it is now only a matter of time.

Truth just is.

All You Need Is Love

xxx Pastor Paul

Paul Robert Burton is a Musician, Minister of Religion, Social Worker and Paralegal currently fighting draconian suppression laws and exposing the corruption of alleged child protection within both the government and judicial system in Australia and it’s international affiliates.

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