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PRB’s Back – “The Return of Sherlock The Amazing Activist Dog”

Hi everyone, i’ve had a few weeks off Facebook and as usual have been all over the place. I’m currently in the Scenic Rim QLD having left the Pilliga a couple of days ago heading North. I’m playing “Wintermoon Festival” north of Mackay then connecting with Uncle Ken and some others to check out a few of the massive QLD Mining and development projects first hand.

Anyway in the good ole facebook tradition i thought i would start with a fabulous story about the return of Sherlock the amazing activist dog.

The Story………………….

I met Sherlock a few years back when he was very young. Sherlock was one of the original “Dogs Against Gas” . Not long after we met young Sherlock was so moved by my sharing he started his own “Dogs Against Gas” group here in The Scenic Rim. As many protectors are aware, Sherlock unfortunately became so passionate trying to save the planet the wheels kinda fell off. One day he got really angry and ate two of his neighbours chickens. He became so depressed he even started poohing inside his own house. Anyway, his beautiful owner Sally was completely distraught and had no choice but to re home him.

Sherlock then went to stay with David & Jane Lowe from Cloudcatcher Media. David and Jane have four activist dogs and we were hoping that in their company Sherlock might be able to recover. Unfortunately things didn’t pan out well, there were some big arguments in the dog group mainly around Sherlock’s inability to follow the code of conduct and his rather unusual direct poohing strategy (DPS)  that upset some of the classier dogs. Alas, David & Jane also had to re home poor Sherlock.

David, Jane and Sally had a meeting and it was concluded that Sherlock’s deep depression and inability to accept any authority was a direct result of his shocking realisations about how corrupt our government is. So together they decided as a last ditch attempt to save him,  to send him to Knitting Nanna Erica Bates activist dog rehabilitation centre.

We do not know all of the details of what happened whilst Sherlock was with Erica. There was a rumor of him killing another chicken that was then tied to his neck for 24 hours and some other interesting whispers.

A few months back through an amazing twist of fate Sherlock was returned to his original owner Sally. I have just spent 24 hours with Sherlock and i can confirm that he is a completely changed dog and i think he may even still have his balls?

He sits near me all the time, responds to my every command, sits on the passenger seat of my car completely relaxed. I took him to a cafe with no problems and he also now poohs outside the house. He has obviously comes to terms with the shocking realities of climate change and now knows what he needs to do to protect the planet.

He has asked me to tell you all this                                                                   “woof, woof wof, wof, aah, woof woof , w w oof , oof, woooof”                            Translation …                                                                                                                     “All that you seek is within you. If i Sherlock can do this anything is possible !!!  and remember you don’t have to be a dog to do this it works for all species………… All Is One………… We Are One Mob ”               

So ends the fabulous story of Sherlock the Amazing Activist Dog with a really happy ending.

xxx PRB

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