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Ok so as I am 58 I Have a 1 in 19.1 Million chance of getting COVID-19 so lets collapse the global economy and destroy businesses and lives everywhere and enforce draconian laws destroying our democracy by removing our rights and liberties whereby we will not be able to do certain things (like fly for example) without submitting to a highly controversial new untested vaccine that messes with our RNA ( called mRNA) that is being planned to be given to 70% of the worlds population who clearly don’t need it for their health. Oh yeah, and when we do tests for it we are using PCR testing methods that cannot be trusted as a diagnostic tool.

I gather that the UCLA Stanford Study must be run by more troublesome conspiracy theorists like me because if our alleged government doesn’t call anyone who questions this situation a “conspiracy theorist” then clearly they are fully culpable and either they are incompetent or evil, or possibly both.

I wonder if any of our alleged Leaders remember the term Stewardship ?

xxx Pastor Paul

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