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Sunday in Lismore 

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

Good morning everyone and love to all.

Tis so hard to break ties with this wretched world so full of attachment, addictions and so much suffering. I fall time and time again to one snare after another. Today is Sunday and what better day to begin again with renewed vigour.

This morning a wonderful quote from St Thomas, book three chapter 1.

"Blessed is the soul that hears the Lord speaking within her, and from his mouth receives the words of consolation. Blessed are the ears which receive the sweet murmur of divine inspirations, and which pay no attention to the whispers of the world. Blessed, indeed, are the ears which listen to truth which teaches interiorly and not to the voices which make noise exteriorly. Blessed are the eyes which, closed to external things, are attentive to the interior. Blessed are they who penetrate interior things, and try to prepare themselves more and more by daily exercise, to understand heavenly secrets. Blessed are they who ardently desire to attend to God, and who detach themselves from every worldly impediment. Consider these things, O my soul, and shut the doors of your sensuality, so you may hear what the lord your God says inside you.

Leave all transitory things and seek the Eternal."

Here comes the sun , do do do do , here comes the sun and I say ……..

( everybody sing) It’s Alright



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