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Sunrise at Crescent Head

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

Good morning everyone , I know …… You all miss my morning posts ….. Providing they are not controversial or in any way challenging to concepts people might have about things.

Anyway , this morning I make a vow to never watch television again. How can people actually believe this rubbish they are fed?

And now because of events in Paris we have world leaders screaming for revenge and deciding to kill more people? You call that wisdom ?

Here’s wisdom

“An eye for an eye and the whole world will go blind !!! ”

Who are the terrorists ? What is isil ? What has it got to do with the Muslim faith ? Nor any other faith ? Who is responsible ? All speculation , all created , nothing proved , the perfect war …… Now it can be anywhere at any time by anyone and we can have more security all over the world , and more power to control.

Ask anyone in the street , nobody knows anything they just tell you what they heard on TV.

I’m really over the utter hypocrisy and bullshit. It’s fine for us to invade Iraq on a lie and to kill thousands of innocent people , but that’s not terrorism ???

If you invade other countries for greed and self interest and you kill thousands of innocent people you should expect trouble because you created it.

As long as Australia supports terrorism we will get terrorism. We are terrorists because we kill innocent people for our own greed and self interest . We have blood on our hands , we are built on the blood of desecrated cultures and won’t even own that!!!

I wish there was another planet to live on so I could just leave the human race to destroy itself in its own stinking pile of bullshit lies and deceit. Maybe some of you would like to come with me? time to move into resilience and leave the human race to destroy itself and drown in its own greed and selfishness.

I need a mountain , some water , a small garden , maybe a yurt and one really really good woman who can tolerate my rather intense slightly bipolar nature.

Pitiable world be gone.

Aah , here comes the sun and I say It’s alright xxx PRB


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