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The Art of Self Defence

How exciting my bargain Genuine Antique Celtic Shillelagh arrived today the perfect Ministerial gift to protect against draconian legislation that overrides our constitution rights our common law rights and our inalienable God given rights.

According to both God and section 116 of our Constitution I have the right to pray with others and according to sections 418 to 422 of the NSW Crimes Act I have the right to Self Defence. I don’t like the rubbish I have been seeing in Victoria and in my view it has absolutely nothing to do with protecting the public from a highly infectious cold that is just an all out lie, the place to test these laws is in the Courts of course but in the meantime I intend to teach you all about your rights. In NSW read the Law Enforcement Powers And Responsibilities Act ( LEPRA Act ) start with section 11, there are many good policeman that don’t like what is happening as much as us and at this time providing you know your rights with the Police you won’t have any problems in NSW.

Unfortunately in Victoria they are about four weeks away from legislation unlike anything Australia has ever witnessed and much of the population is completely ignorant of what is happening. Anyway love to all and I’m off for my evening stroll with my new walking stick

xxx Pastor Paul

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