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The Day Has Come – I Bid Thee Farewell.

Hi friends, the day has finally come.

My trusty blue steed (Mitsubishi) has breathed it’s last breath, unfortunately its future is a now a “no brainer”.

I’ve owned this amazing vehicle since 2004 and travelled a total of 576522Km , playing music and helping communities fight environmental destruction. Although a petrol engine, it has the lowest carbon foot print of anything i could find and carries over a ton of gear on a 2L 4 cylinder engine. It feels like losing your horse.

For those that are concerned, as per usual i have landed on my feet in the short term. Thanks to NRMA premium care, free tow to Newcastle and a free van hire for seven days so i can get to my gig in Toowoomba on Saturday. To get this care you need to be more than 100Km from your listed home address and enroute to somewhere much further to get the free hire van.

I was on my way to Toowoomba and van just got me to phone 471 on the freeway north of Sydney, exactly 104Km from my listed home address.

See i told you there’s a God !!!

Anyway, for those of you whom know me, and my van, could you please take this opportunity to thank it for it’s years of selfless service, and wish it all the best with wherever vehicles that have done much good …. GO  ?

“Oh Great Blue Steed, often referred to as my Tardis (because there’s way more on the inside than anyone thinks possible).

I Bid Thee Farewell

xxx PRB


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