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The Law Of Conscience

To good people everywhere, It gets somewhat difficult to keep track but for those of you who are familiar with the relevant history of events and our following ongoing now nearly two year journey within the Australian judicial system. On the 1st of April 2019 I successfully completed my Application to Seek Special Leave To The High Court of Australia concerning the Equity Court Suppression Orders against myself as first defendant and Dr Andrew Katelaris as second defendant.

PRB v The Secretary, Dept of Family and Community Services

To explain as simply as possible, both myself and Dr Andrew Katelaris have been taken to court in two jurisdictions (Equity & Law) for identical charges that claim we allegedly published the name of a certain child, the image of the child, and published medical information about that same child on Facebook, within about a ten day period around 21 months ago. Meanwhile, millions of other people including multi-national media corporations, had already released, published and shared the same information, about the same child. Strangely, none of these people have been charged, only the two of us.

Further to this I made two attempts at a private prosecution against FACS caseworkers involved, but in both instances the matters were taken over by the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP). The judicial process was then simply bypassed and the matters were in both instances closed without ever having the opportunity to even be heard. This in my view is contrary to the rule of law and founding democratic principles.

I also within that time, initiated two defamation cases (self represented) against two multi-national media corporations successfully removing two appalling defamatory media releases. These articles were published in my view, to help disguise and distract from the State Governments disgraceful actions that were witnessed by millions of people on social media.

To summarise the current Legal matters we have the following:

Secretary, Dept of FACS v Paul Robert Burton and Dr Andrew Katelaris (Supreme Court of Equity) Case No: 2017/214962         This matter is currently on hold pending special leave to the High Court of Australia and pending the later alleged criminal charges that are identical in every respect.

PRB v Secretary, Dept of FACS (High Court of Australia) Case No: S106 2019. This matter is currently in process awaiting a determination seeking leave to the High Court of Australia on 14 grounds.

DPP v PRB (Local Criminal Court Newcastle heading for the District Court Newcastle) Case No: 2017/00387583 

DPP v Andrew Katelaris (Local Criminal Court Newcastle heading for the District Court Newcastle) Case No: 2017/00388124

The above two matters are listed for further mention in the Local Court Newcastle on Friday 17th May 2019 and if not dismissed will eventually go to a Jury Trial in The District Court Newcastle, however some charges are determined by a Jury and some are heard Summarily.

PRB v The State of NSW (District court Newcastle) Case No: 2018/00234630.

This Civil Battery matter is listed for hearing in the Newcastle District Court from May 27th til May 29th. This will be a three day hearing and I have already subpoenaed some witnesses.

PRB v The DPP (District Court Newcastle) Case No:2018/00309486

This matter has been dismissed by the Courts and I am currently in the process of Appealing the matter to the Court of Appeal.

When you consider that all the cases above never ever needed to happen, when you further consider the now millions of dollars of taxpayer money that has been absolutely flaunted, and that the child who was forcibly removed has now since been restored to his loving family and is no longer even within jurisdiction. Also considering the now former Secretary of FACS himself will as of the 1st of July 2019 be the head of The Justice Department looking after the Dept of Public Prosecutions, The Crown Solicitors, The Police, The Court Registrars, Emergency Services and numerous other departments as well as being the head person overseeing the removal of children.

Interestingly when I was before the Court of Appeal and The Supreme Court I was told repeatedly that the Equity Matter and Criminal Matter against me were different because one was instituted by The Secretary of FACS and the other was the DPP,  and that these are completely seperate entities. But now through recent changes enacted by the Governor,  all our Court matters are overseen by the same entity.

In my view the suppression laws and the court matters against Andrew and I  have nothing to do with the protection of children. How could they ? The child has been restored and isn’t even within jurisdiction, these laws are undoubtedly to protect The State of NSW at the expense of it’s own people.

We are in strange times when to speak the Truth becomes a crime.

All You Need Is Love

Xxx Pastor Paul

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