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The Non Existent Separation of Powers Doctrine in NSW Australia

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

The separation of powers doctrine is considered a founding pillar of a representative democracy. In particular, the separation of the judiciary and it’s ability to make independent decisions when conflicts arise between a government and its people is absolutely essential to a free and open democratic society.

Many people are not aware that the separation of powers is not recognised in NSW Australia. The following link below to the NSW parliaments website provides some helpful information.

I discovered this on one occasion when I was before the Court of Appeal last year when they stated the following in:Burton v Secretary, Department of Communities and Justice [2020] NSWCA 68 at 18

“18. Mr Burton advances various submissions directed to the ineffectiveness of what has occurred. Without conveying any disrespect, the submissions are difficult to follow. None casts any doubt upon the conclusion of the primary judge. In his oral submissions, after being directed to the terms of cl 11(3) of the order, Mr Burton maintained that the reference to “any document” in the clause could not include a court document, because that would contravene the separation of powers. We do not accept that submission. The words bear their natural meaning. Even if the separation of powers found in Chapter III of the Commonwealth Constitution applied at the State level (which it does not: see Lazarus v Independent Commission Against Corruption (2017) 94 NSWLR 36; [2017] NSWCA 37 at [106]), there is no difficulty in the Executive altering the title of an office holder and deeming references to the former office to be references to the renamed office.”

It’s good to know this as it helps us all to understand what is happening and why it is happening, those of us who know the truth have been working hard to raise awareness in preparation for these times for many years.

True Democracy is something worth fighting for, and should not just be given away by fools and idiots at the behest of fools and idiots.

Time for all of those who are fully culpable to stand down and make way for the peaceful revolution.

Through Faith and Grace, Amen.

xxx Pastor Paul


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