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Today I Am Completely Miffed !!!

To good people everywhere…………….

Today I am Completely Miffed !!!

My Appeal of the draconian suppression laws preventing me from mentioning the name or image of a certain child and his parents has been listed before the Supreme Court Registry NSW on the 22nd October at 2.30pm. This means that I will go before the Registrar and he will then set down a date for two Supreme Court Judges to hear what I believe are powerful arguments about why I should not be suppressed from speaking a simple undeniable truth already known and seen by literally millions of people.

I saddens me to share that the court date on the 22nd October (even though it is nothing more than directions, to set a date to hear my arguments that I submitted), has now been officially


Astoundingly, even the Equity Court matter I am Appealing was in an open court and 100’s of you came throughout its duration and at one point you all even sang All You Need Is Love.

So good people, I am now officially ON MY OWN in this matter and you cant even witness a registrar setting a date to hear my arguments.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you whom have supported me on behalf of this beautiful kind loving family whom you followed on social media with such interest. Many of you do not know about the other children also taken around the same time as you only saw this one on social media. Many of you also are not aware of the many others that are now taken on a daily basis in NSW, from homes, schools and hospitals without any right or justification nor any judicial oversight or evidence based system as the world as we know it sinks further and further down the rabbit hole.

I pray with all my heart that many of you just liking stuff on facebook might actually consider doing something before its too late, and to those of you who are active and fighting this Demonic Evil, I say thank you again with all my heart.

Isn’t it strangely ironic when one  of my nineteen significant arguments is based on the importance of open justice and transparency by the Government and Court system.

All You Need Is Love xxx PRB

Excerpt from a powerful authority Re J (a child) [2013] EWHC 2694 (FAM)

 “The first matter relates to what it has become conventional to call transparency. There is a pressing need for more transparency, indeed for much more transparency, in the family justice system. There are a number of aspects to this. One is the right of the public to know, the need for the public to be confronted with, what is being done in its name. Nowhere is this more necessary than in relation to care and adoption cases. Such cases, by definition, involve interference, intrusion, by the state, by local authorities and by the court, into family life. In this context the arguments in favour of publicity – in favour of openness, public scrutiny and public accountability – are particularly compelling. The public generally, and not just the professional readers of law reports or similar publications, have a legitimate, indeed a compelling, interest inknowing how the family courts exercise their care jurisdiction: Re X; London Borough of Barnet v Y and X [2006] 2 FLR 998, para [166].

I have said this many times in the past but it must never be forgotten that, with the state’s abandonment of the right to impose capital sentences, orders of the kind which family judges are typically invited to make in public law proceedings are amongst the most drastic that any judge in any jurisdiction is ever empowered to make. When a family judge makes a placement order or an adoption order in relation to a twenty-year old mother’s baby, the mother will have to live with the consequences of that decision for what may be upwards of 60 or even 70 years, and the baby for what may be upwards of 80 or even 90 years. We must be vigilant to guard against the risks.”

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