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Sunday – Wingello to Newcastle 

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

Good morning Facebook I hope you are all well.

Just recovering from a beautiful community gathering and celebration at Simona & Peter’s Yurt in Wingello Southern Highlands. The Wingecarribee Council closed our community garden event after their full support and consultation over many months …… Work that one out ? …….. You can build a longwall mine under everyone that threaten the water and agricultural land ….. But a community garden takes months of consultation and even if you do the paperwork they will still find some reason to cancel it !!! Anyway we are working on that and let’s just say the council has some egg on their face, we are going to have our community garden even if they wish to arrest the whole village for growing food together …….. Strange times !!!

I’m coming here again for my birthday this place rocks.

I have to leave shortly as I’m playing at the Wicko in Hamilton NEWCASTLE at 1.30pm today …… Phew !!!

So it’s Sunday , the sun is shining the birds are singing and I’m a musician again.

Everybody sing

Here comes the sun , do do do do,

here comes the sun, and I say

( everybody sing) It’s Alright



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