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Please Have A Seat

Please Have A Seat !

Below is a message from an intelligent conscious friend, I intend to eventually do similar with my family I am thinking Bolivia but I must first defeat them in the courts which I will of course do.

Our families are not safe here, there are no protections for our children and grandchildren I know this as a fact, this country is a corporate fascist dictatorship that creates disease and sickness and condones child trafficking and child abuse.

By the time most Australians realise they have been completely had it will be way too late, this is not going away and many people are just blindly sucking it up and many appear incapable of even sensibly looking into these most important matters, it is beyond stupid and defies all reason, this has nothing to do with health it is exactly the opposite it is sickness, a profound sickness, fear creates sickness.

In my view the biggest problem in the world is not fear, not greed, not hunger, not disease, not conflict, not corruption, not selfishness, not big pharmaceutical, not covid, not child trafficking and child abuse, It is apathy.

This is why I do what I do, the hours are long, it is often heartbreaking watching families being decimated so consciously and deliberately, the income of course is near non existent but non the less I love and I am loved because I continue to expose this insanity to which so many are so blind, I at least try to help our families and children, and as difficult as it is, I sleep well and my conscious is clean, I am good with God and God is good with me.

I will not be silent I will never be silent and I will have no more of this profound sickness I am commissioned to protect our children and our families and together with our national community I will stand strong to expose the systemic corruption and hold all those who condone these things fully culpable.

So please have a seat !

Amen Xxx Pastor Paul

A message this morning from a friend……………..

“Dear friends and family,

I will be unemployed by the end of the year. Vaccines are mandatory from September 1 for aged care workers. My job will be next. I do not intend to hang around Australia after that. I can try growing medicinal cannabis but if that fails due to nanny state over regulation I will make all efforts to move my family overseas. Australia is mad. It is gone to the dogs and has completely sold out to the corporate fascist agenda. My time here is very limited. Just letting you know.

Ivermectin and vitamin D both prevent and cure covid. But Ivermectin is out of patent and the massive profits that experimental and potentially dangerous vaccines and other interventions attract cannot be made from Ivermectin. I followed the money and researched this thoroughly. Australia is a corporate fascist dictatorship. The marriage of corporation and state is now complete here. I am out of here. This redneck wonderland has nothing to offer me. It is a cultural void and a boring neurotic nanny state. It will be subjected to perpetual rolling lockdowns. It is a police state.” – RBL

And to close if not for yourselves then for our children

All You Need Is Love

xxx Pastor Paul

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