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A Prayer For N and A

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

  1. ” Note this post was updated on the 28th of August because the mother contacted me via text message and was so frightened that I have now redacted the picture and removed their names at her request. She was contacted by an advocacy group (controlled opposition) and other fearful parents (who are frightened of never seeing their children again) and they have all been feared by the same alleged advocacy group into believing she may never see her daughter again and that she could go to gaol for having a picture of her daughter on facebook and people praying for them. Interestingly I heard her daughter is now in hospital, she has had no contact for many many months and neither the department or the courts will let her see her daughter anyway. Albeit I believe it is demonic to frighten people into not being able to pray for a mother and daughter, I have done what she has asked. She has claimed that she has been told that I am the reason she doesn’t have her child even though the child was removed years before I assisted and I was also asked by her to not attend court so I wasn’t even there and in her words “then nobody could blame me for what happened”. Many advocacy groups are controlled opposition and usually exhibit the exact same appalling manipulative qualities as the very department they are supposed to be against. This way the outcome is always the same, much like loaded dice, and all those involved can continue to profit from the increased proliferation and suffering of the mother and child.”

A Prayer for N###### & A####### 

Let us all Pray today and tomorrow for N###### and A#######.

May the Lord protect you both from all the evil ones and together we call in the Angels Michael and Gabriel to smite all the lying thieving demons in the department, the court and even now in our own community, who have all completely failed you. We Pray that despite the insurmountable demonic odds, despite those alleged advocates purporting to be about family preservation railroading you and yesterday fearing you into not even calling me as a witness, despite having all your court evidence removed by a targeted cyber attack, despite me having a copy of much of that evidence, despite you being without support other than perhaps one fearless indigenous Auntie and one friend (if you are lucky), despite it being in a closed court in an open justice system, despite you also being criminally charged for just trying to see your own daughter, despite QCAT taking over a year to do absolutely f$%king nothing, despite the sick evil department decimating you for speaking truth, despite being tricked by the department into signing your daughter away when you were really sick and just needed support over three years ago, despite the thousands and thousands of dollars they all make as they profit the more and more from your increased endless suffering, despite OOHC abusing your daughter, despite never having done anything whatsoever to harm your child and despite being totally alienated from each other, that your bonds of eternal Love are never ever broken and that you rise victorious here on Earth as it already is in Heaven, in the name of our Lord and Saviour Yeshua Ben Yosef, Amen

Note * Current laws in Australia prevent me from sharing any more about the truth of this matter and the evidence of that truth and the truth about thousands and thousands of children currently being tortured and abused in alleged care here in Australia, the lucky country, even this simple prayer for a mother and daughter may create controversy, watch the comments on social media.

xxx Pastor Paul


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