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A Return to Crescent Head and Facebook !!! 

I know , it’s been a while and no morning posts from Paul ? Apologies I needed a week to drop my guard be stupid and do a heap of things I have been suppressing. Yep I’m convinced I’m bipolar I suffer from depression and I just lost contact with someone I really like and I’m in mourning. Note to self ” never drink that bubbly yellow stuff ” even if a Nanna gives it to you….. I was sick for two days ….. Loi !!! Pretty embarrassing I slept for climate change while thousands gathered and marched !!!

Anyway , Erica’s Woodstock Party Sat week back was fantastic , then I drove to Noosa to play music and hang with my great friend Jay Bishoff. I managed to get my vehicle fixed on the Sunshine Coast which was somewhat of a relief , the quotes were terrible but I found a real mechanic. Then after the Sunny Coast I went to Lismore, made myself sick , spent a day in bed and now I am ready to try all over again.

The words balance and moderation come to mind. Anyway I have changed my xmas plans so I can get to the Pilliga. We Protector’s are aware that xmas is the time of draconian legislations passing through the illegitimate parliament and illegitimate mines slamming the legitimate environment. Aussie ABC News this morning said 50 new mine approvals to coincide with the climate talks in Paris ???

How phucking stupid can you get ???

I thought my muso mate Phil Manning was a little strange at times. When he has a few reds he reckons it’s the lizard people that have taken over the planet , they need a desert landscape and they breath methane , that’s why they are trashing the planet , to get rid of us and make it good for them !!!

I thought Phil was a little odd but unfortunately his story appears to make sense, either that or the 85 people that own over 1/2 the worlds wealth have found another planet to live on?

Anyway , enough conjecture , today I begin a new day , I must not listen to the bullshit media filled with absolute crap and rubbish , like its a disgrace to kill 128 people in a mindless killing in Paris ( which of course it is) however …… Not much is said about the One Million we helped kill in Iraq , yep that’s right One Million People killed invading another country on the back of a huge lie ….. Governments and Corporations are what we are fighting not Muslims or Islam, there is no religious war, there is no such thing. People of sincere faith ( no matter what faith) don’t kill other people we leave that to the charlatans.

Woops I digressed , anyway you all know the drill …. Woops I mean …. You all know what to do ……. LETS SING

Here comes the sun , do do do do, Here comes the sun and I say, it’s alright.

Love to all xxx PRB

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