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All You Need Is Love

To good people everywhere,

As many of you are aware my Facebook personal timeline has always been and is still currently open for anyone to post. I have operated it like this allowing all to express openly their views even if those views are sometimes very different or in opposition to those of other people, including my own.

Miss Kerry-ann Taylor I love you and forgive you sister and I understand all too well why yourself and other people I know have grievances with Crown Solicitor Miss Michelle England, especially when people have lost their children in court and she in some instances has represented FACS and consequently assisted in that process. So what Im saying is I get it and I understand.

However, having said that,

I cannot and will not condone such activities, I would like for us all at the very least to make some genuine efforts to rise above such activities, returning hurt and pain with hurt and pain does no service to our work together, I again qoute Gandhi Ji

“An eye for an eye and the whole world will go blind”.

So in regards to your continued highly defamatory attacks on Miss England and also your suggestion that because one Judge has an alleged pedophile history that all are tarred with the same brush, I don’t think you do any service to our work together as a community.

In the last 17 months I have personally been slandered and defamed, called an anti medicine cult leader , It has been claimed that I condone the beating of women, that I help force inject people with cannabis, I have been charged by the The Child Abuse and Sex Crimes Dept for doing nothing more than what thousands of you are doing everyday on facebook talking about a certain child,  I have successfully fought two significant media corporations, one in court and one settled out of court. Notwithstanding all of this and more that many of you don’t even know about, that is attacks on my family and my person, I absolutely and resolutely refuse to return the same appalling behaviour back. I wish with all my heart to be better than that. If I were to treat these entities back with the same behaviour they have unleashed upon me, I believe I would in fact then become nothing more than the very monster that has caused us all so much suffering, that is, I would become the very Evil I have fought righteously to overthrow.

This does no service to humanity nor will it ever help change anything for the better. For example, my views on Family and Community Services are well known to all of you, I have very good reasons for holding these views through direct experience with their appalling disgraceful actions, but I do not then go and steal their children in the same sick heinous way I have seen them do to so many good people.

My efforts in the courts are the way I understand we should address these issues at hand, with at least a hope that some semblance of democracy can maintain and that we can get some REAL JUSTICE. I know how hard this is having struggled so tirelessly for so many months against almost insurmountable odds. I feel for any family caught in this disgraceful system, the issue is systemic and also now intergenerational.

You all of course, have a right to express whatever you wish, but I am graciously asking from my heart if those of you responsible, could at the very least not personally attack individuals here on Facebook even if for example they did help contribute to the loss of someones children or any other such legitimate  grievance.

This way we can rise above this entire sordid affair and grow both as individuals and as a community, expressing the highest spiritual ideals as taught to us by the great teachers of Truth.

And on one final note, if the system so completely and utterly fails us that after applying the highest of these ideals, we still cannot get any sense of True Justice, then and only then, will I reconsider everything I just shared above. Let us pray very deeply that that day never comes.

All You Need Is Love xxx PRB

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