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Australian National Sorry Day

My sincerest apologies for such a late post at the passing of a day of such mourning. But rest assured every day is a day of mourning for us, we feel your pain as do no others.

Today in Australia May 26th 2017  is National Sorry Day. 

I must confess, as i have walked with our First Nation brothers and sisters in the flesh. I have stood with them and felt their pain as their sacred sites were decimated in The Leard Forest NSW Australia. I  have fought with all my heart and being to help get their children back, i fight today more than i ever have with my entire being.

So today to my First Nation Brothers and Sisters i hang my head in real shame, for what my white blood brothers have done.

I must also share that is painful as it is, there are two kinds of white people. There are the good white people and the termite people.

So it is very difficult for us good white people for you must use the dreaming to tell us apart. The good white people can use the dreaming but the termite people cannot, they are not allowed,

This was ordained by what you call Biami to some of your mob and the lord Christ, Krishna and many other names by our good people mobs. The Termite people do not have a God or Creator as it is said that “Biami is in everything but everything is not in Biama”

I am most thankful that we have stood together at The Bentley Blockade  and also in the Pilliga Forest, and lets not forget Breeza and oh so many other battles. Black and White and all the Colours of the Rainbow together fighting to protect our Beautiful Planet  and all we hold oh so so dear. We are all connected, we are all one mob, it was never about colour, it was never about race, it was never about religion, it was never about any kind of duality, it was about Truth and it was about LORE.

Duality is an illusion, there is not light and dark, day or night, there is only Light or the absence of light, day or the absence of day.

From duality comes conflict, the greatest mistake of the termite people was to name you Aboriginal. I am nothing , i know not your suffering in being in this body of flesh , but i walk with you, live with you all and love you as i do my own kin. I  see only beautiful people whom have been tortured and persecuted more than any other race i know on this amazing planet.

We Were And Are One and tonight and throughout this entire day I have prayed that today be Truth Day , when the entire world knows the suffering that you have all endured.

Those whom know me in my living being in the flesh will see my truth.

I share a picture from our beautiful Church community. We are The Church Of Ubuntu. This is me in flesh with two beautiful children.

Out of great respect to a very very dear friend and her family whom has lost her son to the State, and also because i now understand that i must be most respectful with what i post, i share this photo with no names or identities other than my identity in flesh.

I see no disservice in sharing an innocent photo of myself with two of our beautiful children  on such a day of mourning. Both these children know it’s Sorry Day as do I, we share truth with them, and culture and spirit.

There are many of us here at the Church and in this regard i may speak for them as i am appointed that right. We are all truly truly sorry for the suffering you all have endured and we share with you that these children are safe, they are with us, we are repaying the debt for our ancestors. We ask you pray for us all.

Thursday 25th May was Missing Children’s day and today is Sorry Day. We at The Church Of Ubuntu and all those whom are now here welcome you all into our hearts and being for we are all one.

Without you the people, we are nothing, we are helpless, this is Ubuntu, this is truth.

Much respect forever being in flesh Paul Robert Burton and all those whom mourn with us on this day of Sorry Business, this day of Grieving.

Much Respect being in flesh Paul Robert Burton and two beautiful children that have changed my life forever.

Sorry Day

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