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Chase Is Home

Chase returned to his kind loving family with full parental custody restored.

I am very happy to report that on the 9th of October 2020 after nearly three and a half years that Chase Walker-Steven was finally fully restored back into the loving care of his parents. I do not know all the details of the children’s court matter (as all children’s courts are secretive and closed to the public in Australia) but I do know that the president of the children’s court in NSW removed parental custody from the family for two years (as he approves over 99% of  cases before him) but that despite this Chase was allowed back into the home care of his parents. I believe this was because of a decision made in the court of equity as there was a parallel supreme court challenge raised by the family invoking  “Parens Patriae” jurisdiction and I would also imagine it was because of a significant number of other court cases related to Chase also running at the same time.

In conclusion the family were allowed to return to their home State of Queensland following the NSW children’s court president removing parental rights with a two year order. Parents that lose parental custody to the State usually lose the right to have their children in their care and most only ever get very minimal contact. This unusual situation of a two year order where the parents had Chase returned into their own home care finally concluded on the 9th of October 2020 and Chase is now, not only safe with his loving parents and two sisters in Queensland, but the parents also now again have full parental custody restored.

It is a very rare event in Australia for any family to get full custody of their child or children back, most families are not so fortunate and what is even more distressing are the numbers of children removed from parents that clearly love their children. Having been involved in many children’s cases I have seen first hand how unjust this system truly is and how it appears that literally no energy goes into assisting families in need but rather children are often forcibly removed as a first line defence against the possibility of risk of harm when the greatest risk of harm is in the removal itself. It has simply become a very sad situation whereby the want of protection by the state has often now unfortunately become the very cause of the greatest harm. This is somewhat like a self fulfilling prophecy and is most unfortunate when all most families require is help and assistance, not to have their children removed.

For those of you that do not know, Chase was forcibly and unlawfully removed from his family on the 19th May 2017. This event was witnessed by millions of people on facebook and as a consequence of that misfeasance there was a most significant public outcry.

Following this event myself and Dr Andrew Katelaris were summoned to the court of Equity where we have in my view been targeted and made examples of through court suppression, and we were also eventually criminally charged some months later for some offences that do not even exist at law and others on which no convictions could ever be proven against anyone. This was done to generate fear and to help suppress the public outcry by the millions of people that witnessed  this appalling  injustice.

Chases’s removal highlighted to the world an extra ordinary number of profound systemic issues.

These included and still include the significant failings of our government through its child protection departments and services, major failings within the judiciary, (especially the children’s and family courts) and the constabulary. On a more positive note this case has, and is, helping to raise significant awareness about many fundamental human rights issues concerning children harmed through hospital neglect, the very real and quantafiable side effects of vitamin k injections and vaccinations and their possible connections with the ever increasing numbers of disabilities in children, the failings of the government to recognise cannabis as a food and medicine and to affordably provide cannabis as a food and medicine, the continued unusually high percentage of indigenous children still removed from their families here in Australia, the systemic failing of our alleged child protection system, the closed children’s courts and the significant financial motivations that underpin state condoned child trafficking and child abuse, especially with highly compromised children.

I often qoute Jiddhu Krishnamurti:

“To be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society is no measure of health” 

Both Andrew and I are today still fighting in the courts. The supreme court of equity still continues its suppression on us both despite Chase being fully restored to his family, and all three of these judgments in equity have been suppressed from the public with only one suppressed judgment even being listed on caselaw. This brings into serious question important matters of open justice, judicial transparency, the separation of powers  and the independence of the courts from the government.

We have also been criminally charged, and the charges that we have not been able to lawfully force them to drop, are still on foot with a constitutional argument against section 105 of the Child Protection Act listed for hearing on the 26th of October 2020 in Newcastle.

Further to this as a result of the charges we were able to force them to drop, we have a malicious prosecution against two senior public officers Lloyd Babb (The Director of Public Prosecutions) and Michale Coutts-Trotter (The then Secretary of Family and Community Services) and now Secretary of Communities and Justice NSW. That matter is listed for Hearing in the Court of Appeal on the 24th of November 2020.

And notwithstanding all of the above we now have, as a result of the highly disproportionate response to the alleged COVID-19 Pandemic,  significant issues with open justice, matters effecting the rule of law including our constitutional rights, common law rights and fundamental human and God given rights.

There was a time when I hoped our court matters would come to an end and all of this would be behind us but with a system in absolute crisis and so many rights being trampled I feel this may only be the beginning.

However,  after three and a half years of fighting we are very happy that Chase has survived the systemic abuse and the deprivation of love, his incarceration in a motel for 18 months, the severing of the amazing support of his kind loving family, his separation from his  caring and loving community and from his spiritual and cultural connections, and that he has now been fully restored back home to where he should never ever have been removed. A true testament to the power of love overcoming the evils of a system in absolute crisis.

Let us pray for all the other children and families not so fortunate and work together to bring about real positive change.

All You Need Is Love xxx Pastor Paul

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