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Court Update Commital

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

R v Paul Robert Burton, R v Andrew Katelaris.

On Friday the 11th of August Dr Andrew and I, after nearly six years in the local court, have finally had our committal hearing.

The matter went for nearly the complete day and in that time I presented our case to His Honour to show how the charges against us have no prospects of success.

The test at committal is whether a reasonable person properly informed would be able to convict either of us.

In my argument I showed the learned court that the child in our case (who is indigenous) was removed on known false grounds and without delegated authority and that he was in effect either abducted or kidnapped by the Department of Family and Community Services (FACS/DOCS/DCJ).

I showed how thousands of people were publishing the same information including multi-national media corporations and yet we were the only people charged for saying a child's name on Facebook.

In this process I outlined that I had no criminal history but that as a permanent resident, if I was to be convicted, I could possibly be deported (as in the case of R v Inocencio (Coy) Garcia, as like Coy I to am a permanent resident. Also noting that Coy may well have been left in Villawood Detention Centre for years (after serving 14 months in gaol) if he did not sign the deportation papers.

I outlined my concerns around loss of public confidence in the courts the administration of justice falling into disrepute, using section 105 (i.e hiding the identity of a child) for an improper purpose, equality before the law, unfairness, double jeopardy, the cost of this matter to you the taxpayers, the department from our evidence committing fraud upon the court and the ODPP, the shocking outcomes of children in alleged care, what I believe is the continued genocide upon the indigenous and targeting and removal of their children (however the net is now growing much wider), and I presented an outline of the evidence I have gathered over six years, that I would have no choice but to present to a jury in Truth, if this matter were committed to trial.

In brief, His Honour heard me and both he and the prosecution were very respectful and permitted me to share our position and argument and we now have another mention on August 25th as I was advised by His Honour to consider making a No Bill application to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).

Depending on the outcome of that application His Honour has reserved Judgment and I believe he will make a decision and provide his judgment (if necessary) around October 2023 as to whether or not this matter proceeds to possibly two significant trials in the Newcastle District Court next year.

xxx Pastor Paul

“The Power of Truth” From The Power of Truth: Individual Problems and Possibilities, 1902 By William George Jordan

"TRUTH is the rock foundation of every great character. It is loyalty to the right as we see it; it is courageous living of our lives in harmony with our ideals; it is always—power.

Truth ever defies full definition. Like electricity it can only be explained by noting its manifestation. It is the compass of the soul, the guardian of conscience, the final touchstone of right. Truth is the revelation of the ideal; but it is also an inspiration to realize that ideal, a constant impulse to live it.

Lying is one of the oldest vices in the world—it made its debut in the first recorded conversation in history, in a famous interview in the garden of Eden. Lying is the sacrifice of honor to create a wrong impression. It is masquerading in misfit virtues. Truth can stand alone, for it needs no chaperone or escort. Lies are cowardly, fearsome things that must travel in battalions. They are like a lot of drunken men, one vainly seeking to support another. Lying is the partner and accomplice of all the other vices.

Truth is the oldest of all the virtues; it antedated man, it lived before there was man to perceive it or to accept it. It is the unchangeable, the constant. Law is the eternal truth of Nature—the unity that always produces identical results under identical conditions. When a man discovers a great truth in Nature he has the key to the understanding of a million phenomena; when he grasps a great truth in morals he has in it the key to his spiritual re-creation.

For the individual, there is no such thing as theoretic truth; a great truth that is not absorbed by our whole mind and life, and has not become an inseparable part of our living, is not a real truth to us. If we know the truth and do not live it, our life is—a lie."

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