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Five Years Today

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

Today is exactly 5 years since the forced and violent removal of a highly compromised four year old indigenous child from his kind and loving family.

Despite the removal of the child being unlawful, and despite FACS/DCJ lying about everything (as they nearly always do), the family were finally successful in having their beautiful child returned (with full parental custody) back into their kind loving care after around two years.

As an important aside, it now takes around two years for any child removal case to get to full hearing in a secret closed children’s court, to determine the reasons for the original removal, and even if every reason for that removal was found to be in error, the department would then argue the child or children cannot be returned to their parents because they have bonded with the new carers and the magistrates will just rubber stamp it.

As a consequence of this event and my being consciously and deliberately targeted and persecuted by our alleged government, I believe I have now been before more magistrates and judges than any other self represented individual in this country. Put simply, I am doing all I can to lawfully bring about real positive change and to help expose state condoned child trafficking and child abuse, and to shine a light in the darkness to help all the good parents and grandparents save their beautiful children that are suffering horrifically at the behest of this now multi-billion dollar child stealing industry.

I still currently have suppression court orders on me ( 5 years now) despite this child being long returned to his loving family. In my view this is because the alleged government in conjunction with the courts are clearly using suppression laws to try to hide the truth from the public. The reason for this is simple, those fully culpable don’t want to be exposed and they don’t want you, the public, to know how appalling they really are, all the major parties are complicit, and they know exactly what they are doing, and what is currently happening here in Australia to thousands of families.

If the general public knew how bad it was they would never vote for any of the major parties as they are criminals and are directly responsible for state condoned child trafficking and child abuse.

Our first nation brothers and sisters have been dealing with this for around 230 years, in their cases we call it genocide.

The Secretary of DCJ and the Minister of FACs and disabilities are the two most senior public officers in NSW given the parental responsibility of these removed children.

The last Secretary for DCJ is a publicly recognised ex-convicted heroine trafficker, and the last Minister just stood down recently for being criminally charged with a number of offences including having sex with someone under the age of 18.

Nice parents …… NOT !!!

My malicious prosecution continues against the former secretary and former director of public prosecutions in their personal names, and is listed for a five day hearing in the District Court Newcastle in February 2023.

I also have a Constitutional Challenge of Section 105 of the Children & Young Persons’s (Care and Protection) Act NSW 1998 in the Court of Appeal, listed for a concurrent one day hearing on the 26th of July 2022 before a quorum of at least three Judges and around 4 barristers and a couple of solicitors, including two Court appointed “Amicus Curiae’s”.

The Court of Appeal appointed two Amicus Curiae’s to provide an independent submission and appraisal of my argument and  I am happy to share that they came out last week near 100% in support of our position contrary to the position of the NSW Attorney General. In my view, having been successful on my last two occasions before the Court of Appeal, I have a very high probability of success. There is no place in a representative democracy for ANY unconstitutional laws and it appears that a true representative democracy is now something we ALL have to lawfully fight for, now perhaps more than ever before.

When this section of legislation is either found invalid and/or a declaration is made limiting the scope and use of section 105, parents everywhere will be able to speak more freely and without running the risk of being either gaoled and/or deported (as in my and Coys case) for speaking the TRUTH of how these child stealers remove children for profit, without judicial oversight, based on hearsay innuendo and accusations, often without any real evidence that would be considered essential to convict in the criminal jurisdiction.  And how they often put the children at far greater risk of harm by either returning or providing children to known abusers. The general public has no idea about how disgraceful this government department (both major parties) truly is, and how they are facilitating and fully condoning the removal of children for profit for a now multi-billion dollar child abuse and child trafficking industry.

Always Remember:

No matter how bad things get, no matter how much pain and suffering they create, Love always wins and Truth always has this wonderful way of bubbling to the surface.

Pray well, pray often, or don’t pray if you don’t want, thats your choice, but always remember LOVE always wins, and all we be exposed for all to see.

TRUTH will shine like a giant beacon of light exposing the evil everywhere and dispelling all the darkness.


All You need Is Love

xxx Pastor Paul

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