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God is Dog Spelt Backwards !!!

Good morning my  Canine friends ….. Let me begin my discourse ….. These are sad times human beings everywhere are in deepem dog pooh, in their ignorance they kill rape and steal from their own kin, they lie and many are greedy selfish and can think of nothing other than their own self interest. For over two thousand years they have spread a false message that they have dominion over all other creatures but this is heresy, actually according to the book of dog it is the complete opposite. Humans are at the bottom and they have to work very hard to come back as a noble animal. We do not kill for greed , we do not manufacture weapons, we do not lie, steal or hate. Tis time for all of us Canines to take our rightful place here on the earth , soon man will be gone and there will be much rejoicing from everything else on this beautiful planet. There is a reason that God is Dog spelt backwards, Let us all unite and bark as one , join me in the sanctitity of the great white kennel and let us all pray together for these wretched humans and all of their hypocrisy. It’s Sunday so don’t forget to lay flowers for the great Lassie, please try not to dribble and remember to control your desires, especially around the neighbours chickens.

Xxx Gomer (Black Dog) Swami Ji

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