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Happy Birthday To Me

Hi all and thank you big time for all the birthday good wishes and much appreciated. As someone asked what I was doing on my birthday I thought I would share one email I sent to the Supreme Court Registrar today. I’ve had 19 months of this now and it is getting more and more Monty Python every day. I cannot believe how absolutely ridiculous it all is, I also have received the transcript from the Court of Equity for my Appeal of the suppression charges which is an amazing read. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever get any kind of life back or if they will just keep on persecuting me for just being me, speaking Truth and doing as Creator asks.  The longer this goes on the worse they appear to get and the stronger I become in my conviction to Truth and Justice and protection of our children.

Today I am 56 and thank the Lord God Creator of All for all you have taught me and teach me everyday and especially in these difficult times for The Great Commandment.

And, behold, a certain lawyer stood up, and tempted him, saying, Master, what shall I do to inherit eternal life? He said unto him, What is written in the law? how readest thou? And he answering said, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind; and thy neighbour as thyself. – Luke 10:27

 All You Need Is Love xxx PRB

Dear Registrar, thank you for your email and the information.

I note with respect that you haven’t fully answered my questions concerning the time frame and that I had been approved for remittance of the $1123 filing fee in the criminal matter, supreme court case no: 2018/00241275 for reasons of economic hardship. So it would be axiomatic that I could then also not pay a full hearing fee several months in advance, and also the matter of the invoice arriving after the time period has already elapsed, so it would of course be impossible to pay on time as it arrived after the time allocated to pay.

For your further information I also have a second invoice for the exact same amount $2241 concerning a hearing fee for a summons heard in the supreme court on the 31st of October that I have since filed and paid in full an amount of $321 for a notice of intention to appeal Case No: 2018/00274662, that invoice also for $2241 in my understanding is due soon. Interestingly with that matter as I was led to believe I had won the case and consequently had to confirm my costs to the court which were at the time the remitted fee of $1123. This was then confirmed by the registrar via email to myself and the crown solicitor as the costs to be re-inbursed for that hearing. So I am confused as to how it is now $2241, and if that were the case, why would the registrar have confirmed with the crown solicitor and myself costs of $1123 not $2241.

With a recent defamation matter that was heard in the last 12 months in the District Court of NSW the filing fee in that matter was $668 and I remitted it. Once the proceedings finished as they were settled out of court, I had to pay my own fees, I was charged the exact same amount $668. So forgive me as I am confused by your payment system and I would like to understand what you will be charging me for my up and coming matters so I can arrange the necessary funds to be better financially prepared, I would also like to understand how you determine your fees for service.

I also note in your own legislation that you provided, Civil Procedure Regulation 2017 section 9 Payment of hearing allocation fees part 4 states:

“(4) A hearing allocation fee is not payable in relation to an interlocutory hearing or to a trial for the assessment of damages only.”

As all of my matters in the supreme court stem from interlocutory hearings, therefore in my understanding, no hearing fees would be payable. The legislation states quite clearly “in relation to” not “for” so all of my supreme court matters are in relation to interlocutory hearings and under your own legislation no actual hearing fees could then be payable. Perhaps this is why it was not mentioned in the matter that has recently concluded (notwithstanding the three months option of appeal that I have paid for).

If you would be kind enough to consider adjusting the invoices to reflect this that would be greatly appreciated, also as there are currently two matters in the Supreme Court and a third that has just concluded, it would I believe, be wise to arrange a meeting with you next week. I have very limited funds as I exist on “dana” which is the charitable act of giving but I do like to fully understand and to pay anything for which i am responsible. I live in Newcastle and my first available day is Monday the 10th December, or after that, Wednesday the 12th of December.

If you would be kind enough to let me know if you are available on either of those days and able to have a meeting with me so I can work out what it will possibly cost me to defend myself as is my right as a self represented person in the Supreme Court of NSW, and wether I will need to sell my remaining assets, a 250 year old 1/8 size Double Bass and my collectable devotional book library collection currently loaned for free to the public in Mossvale.

Kindest regards and God Bless

Pastor Paul Robert Burton

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