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How Much Is Your Child Worth

To good people everywhere and those following  today’s court matter I attended in The Victorian Supreme Court.


His Honour has adjourned his decision until this Friday at 4pm.

The matter is to determine wether or not the Supreme Court will invoke “Parens Patriae” jurisdiction overriding a children’s court matter.

For this to occur the court needs to determine wether or not it is extraordinary to:

1. Take a child with an invalid warrant out of jurisdiction ?

2. Forcibly remove a child without one shred of evidence and nothing more than innuendo, opinion and anonymous reports.

3. Remove a child without the parent ever being heard , ie no chance to even challenge the innuendo, opinion and anonymous reports?

So basically if his Honour dismisses the matter on Friday it simply means the Government can take your child or children , in violation of statute , common law, and the rules of equity , and this could now be condoned by the Supreme Court  , and you as a parent will in my view have NO chance of ever getting your child or children back.

In plain English it is possible after Friday that  if anyone else phones me asking for help to get their child or children back I can reply , I’m sorry I cannot help you as nobody has a HOPE IN HELL. They will rip your kids for all kinds of ridiculous reasons, not being vaccinated, being home schooled, having hair too long (im not joking) having some dirt under their nails, being too friendly, not being friendly enough, being too fat, being too thin, not eating enough, eating too much, I think you get the idea.

Do any of you reading this post consider this an important case?  or are you just a country of people filled with fear who have no regard for your fundamental democratic  and common law rights and especially the rights of your own children? MY GOD !!!

In NSW today a child can be removed from any public school or hospital without even informing a parent. Significant religious leaders around the world are telling people to pull their children out of public schools and the public system. It echoes of Pink Floyd’s “another brick in the wall”

Oh yeah, unfortunately His Honour completely ignored my request to be a lay advocate for the poor traumatised mother fighting desperately for her child, with no legal skills, traumatised for years by continued intimidation by DHHS, who’s child was unlawfully removed on a Friday (as they do) without any evidence and without ever even being heard.

He also refused to allow me to be a witness (not withstanding the mother was too railroaded to exercise her rights) in the matter despite the fact I witnessed the entire sordid affair. He ejected me from the Court within 30 minutes yelling “do you want to be locked up” ? I of course said No of course not, what a ridiculous question?

When the Court opened a woman in a black robe mentioned that everyone in the room would get heard so all I did was simply ask for the right to be heard.

I returned to the court after being yelled at to get out and was again refused to even be able to sit in the gallery. I was allowed back in at 4.30pm to sit and watch three very concerned caseworkers and listen to his honour who appeared to have forgotten who i was ???

So on Friday this Learned Judge who at this time in my understanding may have completely ignored all the submissions before him, will make his wise and thoughtful decision.

Of course all of the above is my opinion of events as I experienced them, I have a democratic right to an opinion, i have a democratic right to express that opinion, courts are of course all open to the public, and if we are very very lucky with all the above I truly hope i am deluded and wrong.

So I’m having a red wine at the airport and listening to an audio file of a child in another matter confessing about sexual abuse. A recording withheld from the courts by the AFP and I feel like vomiting.

And people wonder why I pray !!!

Wake Up Australia

xxx Pastor Paul

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