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Know Your Rights (Sars Cov 2) Australia Sept 2021

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

Know Your Rights (Sars Cov 2) Australia Sept 2021

This in my view is very helpful current legal information compiled from a variety of sources with some helpful additional information.

xxx Pastor Paul

  1. “In NSW Australia, Craig Kelly and Tony Nikolic from AFL Solicitors are running a case against the NSW Health Minister and Chief Medical Officer in the NSW Supreme Court to obtain a ruling to declare vaccine mandates unlawful and in breach of the Australian Constitution section 51(xxiiiA), the Nuremberg Code of which Australia upheld after WWII and is a signatory, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) as well as other federal and state laws including the Federal Bio Security Act which makes any coercion or compulsion of any medical procedure unlawful including expressly “vaccines” without freely given informed consent.”

  2. There are also other significant legal issues and concerns with each of      the respective state and territory public health orders/directions.

These are the key points……

  1. 1st thing to remember is that at law in Australia, any so-called vaccine mandate is all lies, smoke and mirrors as there is no lawful authority whatsoever in this Country to impose a vaccine mandate on the people collectively or any human person individually without a Court order after they have attended in court in person and had a chance to defend themself and oppose any such order, a judge can only lawfully approve this if that person is proven to be without legal capacity (that is mentally incompetent to exercise legal capacity).

  2. 2nd it is unlawful and impossible to mandate the vaccine on you or your children by any government agency, representative or individual, or by any employer or by any school – so calm down and take a deep breath.

  3. 3rd State Governments carefully use words and misconstrue facts to make it sound like it’s mandatory but it is not and your employer or school principal has no legal grounds to make it mandatory. They are trying to force you to voluntarily take the vaccine, Scott Morrison the Prime Minister has even said,              “its your choice and their is no liability because you chose it.”

  4. 4th Schools acted preemptively to send out letters implying, some even stating the vaccine was mandatory for children, when it is not. Forcing children and parents to volunteer to take the jab. School principals seeking to impose vaccine mandates are guilty of crimes against humanity, the Australian Constitutuon, the Federal Crimes Act 1914 (Cth), the Privacy Amendment Act 2020 (Cth), the Bio-Security Act 2015 (Cth) and the Nuremburg code.

  5. All restrictions, mask wearing, lockdowns, and vaccinations are unlawful and cannot be enacted. The only thing is threats and fines to trick you to comply. All fines are dissmissed when referred to the court’s. You do not have to do anything.

Self advocate, be empowered and uphold your Constitutional, Common Law and inalienable God given rights.

Do Not Comply, Do Not Consent, do it respectfully and lawfully.

Your employer or school principal might think the gov is forcing them but they are not, what is the Gov going to do if the principal says no? nothing as any vaccine mandate is unlawful, so they need to calm down too.

Your best way to get community support is to educate students, parents and all good people of the dangers of the injections.

Stop supporting unlawful restrictions on your constitutionally protected liberties in your workplace and classrooms, find out the actual facts and stop spreading covid propaganda.

If your principals persist go to the AFL solicitors website page, as you can actually charge the principal with harassment and battery.

There is also The Concerned Lawyers Network, Nathan Buckley, G & B Lawyers, Reignite Democracy, Advocate Me and many other Lawyers, Paralegals, Human Rights Advocates providing templates, good legal information and support.

you can’t lose your job, they can’t threaten you. your best bet is to share truth and knowledge.

Do not believe the controlled and largely censored media.

Concerned Lawyers Network 

Ashley, Francina, Leonard & Associates (AFL) Lawyers Sydney

Nathan Buckley , G & B Lawyers

Reignite Democracy

Advocate Me

Fighting for human rights & against discrimination.

You have rights.

Basic Inalienable human rights.

They need to be protected.

If you have been discriminated against, please submit a complaint here:

One of my favourite Common Law Quotes 

On Common Law Sir Edward Coke stated:

“And, therefore, when it is said that a man has a thing of common right, it is always to be understood that he has it by the common law. And it is further held, that the common law is called common right, because it is the best and most common birth-right that the subject hath for the safeguard and defence not only of goods, lands, and revenues, but of his wife and children, his body, fame, and life also. An Act of Parliament made against common right, is void and impossible to be performed: for the law is reason and equity to do right to all, and to preserve men from wrong and mischief, and will never make construction against law, equity and right, the rule being legis constructio nunquam facit injuriam.” - Sir Edward Coke


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