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Latest Court Update Pridgeon, O'Dea, Greer & Ors

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

The case of R v Pridgeon, O’Dea, Greer and Ors is listed for a pre trial directions this Thursday 23rd on March from 9am at the Brisbane District Court ( Courtroom TBA ).

This is another very important day for these three self represented individuals and I am again humbly requesting the support of anyone to come and witness from the gallery.

It is most important the public engage in the justice system for if we do not support matters as important as this about the protection of children we may well soon have no legal protections.

You being there makes a huge difference just by coming, ask anyone who has attended and thank you to all those who have, the true power is from God and is in the people not the courts or the government, the people.

You are the person you have been looking for to make a difference.

Xxx Pastor Paul

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