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Minespotting – Whitehaven Coal Vickery Project – Gunnedah/Boggabri

Hi all, i had an opportunity yesterday to visit a couple of local farmers just north of Gunnedah NSW with Aunty Mimi, Tania, Sam and Co, to check out the proposed Whitehaven Coal Vickery Mine.

This proposed mine is 25km North of Gunnedah and infrastructure is planned to connect up with Whitehaven Coal Mine in The Leard State Forest. Black lines are the railway , blue is Whitehaven Leard and dark brown the Vickery Mine.

Whitehaven Vickory Mine 3

Interestingly the Vickery Coal Mine also happens to be right next to the Vickery State Forest with a large section of the coal mine within the State Forest.

Whitehaven Vickory Mine 2

Some Information of interest………

  1. The mine is planned to extract around 8 to 10 Megatons per annum vs the Whitehaven Leard Mine at 13 Megatons per annum.

  2. There are 16 properties within “stupid close” of the mine with one property straight across the river from the proposed project.

  3. The owner of this property is a third generation farmer

  4. The mine is right on the largest section of the Namoi river

  5. The bottom corner of the mine is where Dorothea Mackellar was inspired and wrote the famous poem “My Country”

  6. Plenty Koala scats and amazing biodiversity, good water, beautiful spot for a farm.

  7. This project is just kicking off in the region

  8. There’s some more info here ……..

Too Be Continued …………….  xxx PRB

Whitehaven Vickory Mine 1

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