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Minister You Have Blood On Your Hands

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

Dear Ms Sanderson Minister For Child Protection SA.

Pictured is Catherine who is DEAD!

I was assisting Catherine in an attempt to get some kind of meaningful contact with her eldest daughter. A daughter who was horrifically raped around the time she was removed from Catherine’s care by your department in 2017. Then after that rape she became pregnant and then either miscarried, or was aborted whilst in the alleged care of  your department.

She was 16 when she was removed from her mothers care and now at 18 years of age has been diagnosed with a condition called treatment resistant schizophrenia and is currently being forcibly imprisoned in a house somewhere in Adelaide with 12 very well paid carers. The last time I heard her voice last August she cried “mommy mommy please help me there is nothing wrong with me and they are drugging me” . This of course is on transcript at that tribunal hearing.

Catherine overdosed and passed away early on the morning of September 29th 2020 as she was heartbroken and completely destroyed by the actions of your department.

I have been Catherine’s Pastor and Advocate for over three years since before her eldest daughter was removed from her care.

I attended (by PLU) the SA Civil and Administrative Tribunal (SACAT) meeting in late August 2020 with Catherine, a meeting that finally destroyed her and in my view clearly eventuated in her death.

Since that time despite all of my efforts I have been refused any contact with Catherine’s daughter by both SA child removals (your department) and now also the pubic guardians as well. Interestingly the public guardians ( four in total) were all so fearful they would not even tell me their names.

I have since tried to get the decision of The SA Civil and Administrative Tribunal  to imprison Catherine’s daughter  reviewed, and I have attached for you their response below. I have respectfully redacted that document.

The Crown Solicitors claim I have no standing because Catherine is now dead and because I do not have a connection of any kind with her daughter.

The reason I do not have a connection with her daughter is because I have been denied all contact for months. I was not even allowed to speak with her after her mother passed away.

So today somewhere in Adelaide Catherine’s daughter is being drugged and forcibly detained against her will in  a complex with 12 carers with not one person to independently represent her. Who knows what is happening, and with what has already transpired and the complete lack of transparency,  it does not exactly imbue me with any great feelings of goodwill or trust.

Recently Ms Sanderson you were on the ABC news saying, if anything like this was to happen you want to be informed and yet your department, The SA Civil and Administrative Tribunial (SACAT)  and the public guardians are all in my view complicit in this disgrace, for you all clearly know what has transpired and you all run for the hills like cockroaches from under a rock. Yes I am angry, and who in my position wouldn’t be.

Thanks to a recent authority in the Court of Appeal we can now take out civil claims against public officers in their personal names so we are putting you and every public officer in every department in every State and Territory of Australia on notice. We will be exposing this systemic corruption to the public as is our right, and we are encouraging parents everywhere to take out civil claims as is their lawful right.

I am sick to the very core of my being as I see government departments all over this country empowered with the protection of our children, and all I find nearly everywhere is the foul stench of nepotism, corruption, collusion and systemic child abuse as you all scramble to hide this abuse from the public. This is done through the use of fear and intimidation and through court suppression and non publication orders where you are either abusing the processes of the courts or possibly they too are complicit, time will tell.

Laws designed to protect children are now being used to protect the perpetrators of child abuse and the sickness and depravity of this is almost impossible for good people in this country to comprehend.

Although it matters little whether anyone subjected to this kind of treatment is a believer in God or not, Catherine was a devout Christian, her last words on my message service on the Monday night before her passing were “please pray for me Pastor” and I had already made her a promise I would help her as I have done so with literally 100’s of other desperate parents who have been absolutely decimated by this system in absolute crisis.

A massive wind of change is upon us Ms Sanderson, truth and Justice will prevail and soon good people everywhere will no longer be gagged in fear. It is time to make your choice, we will all be praying for every public officer all over this country who knowingly hides state condoned child trafficking and child abuse.

I pray for a time where we have a society and a system of governance that actually assists families to preserve their connections, and supports them in Love, kindness and compassion.

Most parents just need help, ripping children for profit is not a solution, we want a new system and we want it now. Parents want their children and grandchildren back or at the very least some kind of contact before they either suicide or murder.

Unless the governments both State and Federal in this country drop the greed based narrative and begin to act from their hearts and conscience, I see only one inevitable outcome.


Pastor Paul Robert Burton

“atmano mokshatham jagat hitaya cha” – Swami Vivekananda  “Speak out on behalf of the voiceless, and for the rights of all who are vulnerable.” – Prov 31:8 “There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known” - Luke 12:2


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