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Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi and Health

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Tomorrow the 2nd Oct is the birthday of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi born 1869, a man that has had a significant impact in my life and the life of thousands and thousands, nay millions  of good people everywhere.

For those that are not aware, I was initiated into the Holy Ramakrishna order around the year 2000 and my Guru Pravrajika Ajayaprana (Mataji) who is now 91 often spoke of how this great man Gandhi inspired her at 16 years of age to become a Nun and devote her entire life to the selfless service of others. She has honoured this to this day and remains as always, a huge inspiration to me.

The reason for this post was inspired when I travelled recently for a long overdue visit to my parents in Adelaide whom have been very concerned for my health and wellbeing since a beautiful child, family, myself and some others of our community were brutally assaulted some 17 months ago. Sadly that child who was unlawfully and violently removed from his family, is still today locked in a motel room a virtual political and medical prisoner,  suffering and denied all contact with his community and those like myself that were close and helping him. Despite our incredible efforts through now numerous court cases,  I have failed to have him rightfully returned back to his family and we all suffer with this every day fighting for Justice in a failed system whilst the NSW State Government condones such sick disgraceful activities, activities in Truth witnessed by millions and millions of people. Instead these criminals suppress, persecute, defame, attack and use fear and intimidation in a vain and futile effort to project away from their own heinous crimes. For alas this child is but one of many many children whom are taken everyday for greed and profit in now the worst State or Country per capita in the world complicit in these inhumane fundamental human rights violations. Who would have thought Australia, the Lucky Country, would have become the new Fascists of the 21st Century.

Anyway, back to the story at hand …………

Whist at Sydney airport i noticed this advert that said

I thought to myself, with a population of close to 25 million people that means 12.5% of our population visit a GP every single week. I thought to myself how can it be that people are so sick ?

Many are not aware but Gandhi Ji wrote a surprisingly small and yet very practical book about Fundamental Health and wellbeing simply called “A Guide To Health” by Mahatma Gandhi. This amazing and yet very simple book is of course freely available for all and is written in Gandhi’s undeniably simple style through applied practise and self observation in his own life.

So Gandhi Ji, today it is your birthday and  I pay you my immense respect and share with my many friends on social media, a few quotes from your book to answer this question. It is my hope and prayer to Creator that it will help awaken some from the controlled and contrived delusion that currently shrouds so many in these most difficult times here on our beautiful planet Earth.

Remembering always that it is God expressed through Love that is the greatest healer and that it is the powerful intrinsic connection between our mind body and spirit and the immense power of our thoughts combined with heart that can transform and heal anything when it is known in Truth.

Love to all and happy birthday Gandhi xxx PRB

Excerpts from “A Guide To Health” – Mahatma Gandhi

“As Milton says, the mind can make a hell of heaven or a heaven of hell. So heaven is not somewhere above the clouds, and hell somewhere underneath the earth! We have this same idea expressed in the Sanskrit saying, Mana êva Manushayanâm Kâranam Bandha Mokshayoh—man’s captivity or freedom is dependant on the state of his mind. From this it follows that whether a man is healthy or unhealthy depends on himself. Illness is the result not only of our actions but also of our thoughts. As has been said by a famous doctor, more people die for fear of diseases like small-pox, cholera and plague than out of those diseases themselves.” 

“We have got into the habit of calling in a doctor for the most trivial diseases. Where there is no regular doctor available, we take the advice of mere quacks. We labour under the fatal delusion that no disease can be cured without medicine. This has been responsible for more mischief to mankind than any other evil. It is of course, necessary that our diseases should be cured, but they cannot be cured by medicines. Not only are medicines merely useless, but at times even positively harmful. For a diseased man to take drugs and medicines would be as foolish as to try to cover up the filth that has accumulated in the inside of the house. The more we cover up the filth, the more rapidly does putrefaction go on. The same is the case with the human body. Illness or disease is only Nature’s warning that filth has accumulated in some portion or other of the body; and it would surely be the part of wisdom to allow Nature to remove the filth, instead of covering it up by the help of medicines. Those who take medicines are really rendering the task of Nature doubly difficult. It is, on the other hand, quite easy for us to help Nature in her task by remembering certain elementary principles,—by fasting, for instance, so that the filth may not accumulate all the more, and by vigorous exercise in the open air, so that some of the filth may escape in the form of perspiration. And the one thing that is supremely necessary is to keep our minds strictly under control.”

“We find from experience that, when once a bottle of medicine gets itself introduced into a home, it never thinks of going out, but only goes on drawing other bottles in its train. We come across numberless human beings who are afflicted by some disease or other all through their lives in spite of their pathetic devotion to medicines. They are to-day under the treatment of this doctor, to-morrow of that. They spend all their life in a futile search after a doctor who will cure them for good. As the late Justice Stephen (who was for some time in  India ) said, it is really astonishing that drugs of which so little is known should be applied by doctors to bodies of which they know still less! Some of the greatest doctors of the West themselves have now come to hold this view. Sir Astley Cooper, for instance, admits that the ‘science’ of medicine is mostly mere guess-work; Dr. Baker and Dr. Frank hold that more people die of medicines than of diseases; and Dr. Masongood even goes to the extent of saying that more men have fallen victims to medicine than to war, famine and pestilence combined!– Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi


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