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Notice Of Constitutional Matter pursuant to s.78B Judiciary Act 1903

15th March 2021 by email

Dear Attorneys General,

I note this matter below is listed for further mention in the Supreme Court NSW on Monday the 22nd of March 2021 case no: 2021/00006362.

I also note with apologies, that around three Attorneys General have already responded but I would like to remind those of you who have not yet responded, could you please endeavour to do so as a matter of some urgency before close of business this Friday 19th of March so the matter can proceed on the 22nd of March without another possible adjournment.

Further to the above I note that the Commonwealth Attorney General did expressly state previously that he wished to be informed of any Appeal.

As this matter concerns a challenge to the Constitutional validity of Section 105 of the Children and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Act NSW 1998 in regards to the protection of children removed by The State, and how that legislation can, in our view because of its extreme scope, be misused, which in effect impacts parental rights to express love for their children, it impacts political free speech, and in some instances puts those vulnerable children at far greater risk of harm, your response at this time would be greatly appreciated.

My apologies for the intrusion and reminder if it is in any way inappropriate, but this matter is particularly close to my heart and I am of the view we will ultimately be successful.

“Speak out on behalf of the voiceless, and for the rights of all who are vulnerable.” – Prov 31:8

Thank you for your attention and for your consideration.

Kindest Regards & God Bless


Pastor Paul Robert Burton

Family Preservation Advocate

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