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Opinion – Open Justice Todays Committal Hearing Brisbane

I would like to take this opportunity to wish Russell, Patrick & Ann all the best for their Committal hearing in Brisbane Magistrates Court today and tomorrow. Unfortunately because of the alleged COVID-19 Pandemic I cannot attend in person as I am in NSW and it appears that the Courts are not really making the necessary changes at this time to honour the democratic principles of our open justice system. I always fail to comprehend why they cant just put up a livestreaming page on a Court website like they do with Parliament. You would think with all of the COVID-19 restrictions this would have occurred by now but alas it appears the open Court system gets more and more controlled and secretive by the day.

I find this somewhat concerning considering that open justice is one of the founding pillars of both our judicial system and our representative democracy.

I note that being aware of some of the alleged evidence in this matter it is without doubt one of the strangest court matters I have ever encountered. The allegations by the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and The Commonwealth Dept of Public Prosecutions (CDPP) that as reported in the media these people are somehow part of an international child trafficking syndicate is in my view absurd when in reality it appears that most if not all of the defendants (as I now know three parties personally) are parents charged with stealing and/or harbouring their own children and/or grandchildren in an attempt to protect them from disclosed child sexual abuse.

Again in my opinion we are witnessing first hand the significant failures of not just our children’s courts and family courts, but now our criminal courts as well. As an advocate and support person for some of those people and in the interests of open justice, since it is not possible to attend,  these are the questions I would like to see answered.

  1. I do not understand how the prosecution can be allowed to continually change a brief and add to it and continually change charges even after two years ?

  2. I do not understand how the prosecution can pad a brief with literally tons of irrelevant evidence ?

  3. I do not understand how the prosecution can refuse to give a workable readable brief ?

  4. I do not understand how the prosecution can charge a grandmother with “child stealing” and /or harbouring in relation to her grandson when there is no allegation of the child being stolen and no allegation of force or fraud being used ?

  5. I do not understand how a grandmother can be charged in relation to her grandson in the s42(1) charge where the prosecution alleges the child was abducted when they also concede the grandmother had lawful custody ?

  6. I do not understand why perjury and perverting justice by a detective is completely ignored by both the Court, the prosecution and the police ?

  7. I do not understand why the prosecution charged these people with offences when these people are obligated at law to protect children ( section 286 of the criminal code act 1899 ) and yet they are still subjected to onerous bail conditions and the children still appear to me to be at significant risk of harm for now over two years and the police lie, pervert justice and put the children in continued danger and for how long should I remain silent when I know this and the system appears to be failing those children?

  8. I do not understand why the police can entrap people and nothing is said as they admit they posed as a journalist to entrap the accused people?

  9. I do not understand why they refused to interview 26 people, to produce the 40 mandatory reports, and a further 20 reports where the children disclosed sexual abuse?

  10. I do not understand why the brief has links that don’t work, why the prosecution continually change and add to that brief and why they refuse to specify orders they rely on?

  11. I do not understand why the prosecution supplies an email to and from the Court where the court admits that the grandmother wasn’t under orders and why this is simply ignored?

  12. I do not understand why the grandmother still has an ankle bracelet on for nearly two years and why she is prosecuted and persecuted when all she appears to have done if anything, is to protect her grandson from what she believed was happening.

  13. What I do understand is that clearly this matter if it is committed to trial will have to be appealed to the High Court.

  14. The brief is completely unreadable by anyone leading to an unfair trial and committal.

  15. there appears no chance of a fair trial.

  16. The facts do not give rise to the S42(1) charge.

  17. the charges should be dismissed under S42(7)

  18. The grandmother had lawful custody of the child and could not abduct him.

  19. Abduction is the basis of the charge of s42(1)

  20. The prosecution specifies a number of orders and refuse to elect a specific order.

  21. Nobody is charged with stealing the grandchild so therefore no one can harbour him under S363(b)

  22. The prosecution refuses to deal with the lies of the police and the evidence in the malicious prosecution also initiated by the grandmother that is currently on foot.

  23. the matter should have been dealt with in the family court.

  24. In the grandmothers case no recovery order was made.

  25. This is a massive waste of tax payer resources, as it’s the tax payer that ultimately pays everyone for this, well the courts and the prosecution are paid not the defendants they of course have had their lives ruined and don’t get paid for anything.

For all these reasons I do not understand how the grandmother could enter a  plea to her alleged offence and how she could be considered part of this alleged child trafficking syndicate also notwithstanding she has never even met some of the other  defendants? and I do not understand why she is even there today?

I pray that some semblance of Justice prevails but as in my own Court matters I completely understand how and why the system is failing. I may not be at this committal hearing but I and many others are most certainly watching.

All of the above would not be so bad of course if not for the children.

And as for all those children in this case and many other court matters involving children in alleged care that are currently on foot, lets just say that the alleged pandemic is certainly not helping or perhaps more appropriately ………………… !!!

Perhaps the people that are today labelled as conspiracy theorists with bizarre stories of children being freed from tunnels under cities may be wiser to look right under their noses in plain view for all to see. Makes me think of a great ole tune called ” A Change Is Gonna Come” by Sam Cooke.

“To be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society is no measure of health” – Jiddhu Krishnamurti

xxx Pastor Paul

“Speak out on behalf of the voiceless, and for the rights of all who are vulnerable.” – Prov 31:8

“There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known” – Luke 12:2

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