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Pastor Paul October Court Update

To good people everywhere.

I am in the Supreme Court Tomorrow 17th Oct from 9am for further directions concerning my Appeal of the Private Prosecution against a FACS caseworker relating to an event that occurred around 18 months ago. This event concerned what I believe was an unlawful abduction of a much loved and highly compromised child forcibly removed from his loving family and community.

The matter is only before a Registrar for further directions and in my understanding it is to set a timeline to hear my Appeal and reasons, or more to the point, the lack of reasons provided. This path of Appeal was chosen by me to prevent the administration of justice being thrown even further into disrepute and  in part to prevent this matter from being shut down yet again without even allowing it the right to be heard, let alone determined. The matter is in an Open Court as is generally the case in most Court matters in a Representative Democracy.

The second matter on Monday the 22nd Oct at 2.30pm is also before a Registrar but it is  in the Supreme Court Of Appeal to set a date for my Appeal of Equity Court Suppression Orders. In this matter myself and Dr Andrew Katelaris as Second Defendant  can possibly be punished with up to, and including, life imprisonment for simply publishing the undeniable truth about something seen and shared and also already published by millions of people on social media throughout Australia and the world. It has been listed as a Closed Court and I intend to  raise my concerns about this in that Court on the day.

I welcome all to attend my Court matters as Courts are generally open, this is one of the founding principles of a Representative Democracy and of course reflects the extreme importance of the principles of open justice. If the Court is closed as is now stipulated online, they will of course have to let me know at Court, and if any of you do wish to attend, would you all be kind enough to wait outside the court room until the matter is concluded. My concern at this time is I myself do not know in which Court room I am to appear? so I am presuming I must be notified or the courtroom will appear online or I could not even appear at my own Appeal? It may be the case that the Registrar will notify me and instruct me to not inform anyone ? of course I would have to respect the Courts decision in this regard but I am confused as to why they would do this when the Equity matter itself was in an open Court? that many of you attended for many months. Even though if this matter is closed and you could not then attend in court, I would still very much appreciate some support as I have significant concerns that I believe are well founded and I am fast losing faith in our judicial system and the probability of a fair and just legal remedy. I can conceive of no reason why a simple matter of setting a date to hear my argument for Right of Appeal would be in a Closed Court other than to make an example of me, instil Fear in the people, to further erode public confidence in our legal system, and has the unfortunate byproduct of casting some serious doubts on the impartiality and intentions of those within the Supreme Court Judiciary. I believe to close the Court is highly inappropriate and I will pray sincerely that some wisdom prevails and that our Lord God and Creator supports and guides me at this time. If for any reason me feeling like this is in error through some misunderstanding of judicial processes, I apologise to all, but I cannot think of any noble or righteous reason why this matter be closed other than possibly that I may have been inadvertently mistaken for a child in the Closed Children’s Court for this is what happens to everyone of them. I often wonder how many children like myself, are completely innocent and really nothing more than silenced helpless victims of an appalling failed system that not one so called  politician will even dare question whilst in office, shame on all of them.

Below is a link to the online registry Court details and a picture of Swami Vivekananda because it reminds me to keep my thoughts in Love and Peace and to remain positive and fearless.

All You Need Is Love xxx PRB

“Atmano mokshatham jagat hitaya cha” For One’s own welfare and the welfare of all.- Swami Vivekananda  “Speak out on behalf of the voiceless, and for the rights of all who are vulnerable.” – Prov 31:8 “Not by power nor by might, but by spirit sayeth The Lord”- Book of  Zechariah 4:6

(click link to online registry for details)

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