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Pastor Pauls Court Update

To good people everywhere.

Today is Sunday and again we give thanks to our Lord and Creator. We ask for strength and protection as we continue to fight tyranny and oppression using the powers of unconditional Love and undeniable Truth.

At approximately 9pm on the 19th May 2017 I was at Newcastle John Hunter Hospital filming and uploading on Facebook. At around this time, I was sprayed with capsicum spray by a member of the NSW Police Force. The capsicum spray made contact, inter alia, with my eyes. I alleged that as a result of being sprayed, I suffered burning eyes, sore skin, hurt feelings, humiliation, distress, insult, loss of dignity and pain. By Statement of Claim dated 20th July 2018, I commenced proceedings against the State in the District Court at Newcastle, being Proceedings No 2018/00234630 (the Proceedings)

In the proceedings:

a) I alleged that the State is vicariously liable for battery by reason of the act of the Police officer described above and b) I claimed general damages, aggravated damages and exemplary damages.

The State denies liability, does not admit that the capsicum spray made contact with me, they otherwise deny my claims and denies that they have any liability to me in the proceeding generally.

Without any admissions of liability, the parties have agreed to settle the matter out of court.

This specific court matter for me is now resolved.

All You Need Is Love xxx

Pastor Paul

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