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Pastor Pauls Court Update February

To good people everywhere.

Today is Sunday and I give thanks to our Lord God and Creator.  I pray for an end to all suffering , to all greed and to the profound ignorance that blinds so many from Truth.

This coming week I have two significant court matters.

On Wednesday 20th February at 10.15am I have my Supreme Court of Appeal Hearing where I will be arguing for Right of Appeal in regards to the Equity Suppression orders currently placed upon myself and Dr Andrew Katelaris. These include orders under the Court Suppression and Non Publication Orders Act and section 105 of the Child Protection Act.

Although the online directory lists the court as closed on February the 20th the Registrar has informed me that it is not a closed court, so those of you with a keen interest in this matter can attend. It is only listed as closed online for an as yet undetermined reason.  I am not sure of the time duration of this hearing but I understand arguments for right of appeal normally get 30 minutes to an hour depending on what unfolds. This matter is to seek Right of Appeal against the Equity Matter initiated by the Secretary of FACS.

On Friday 22nd of February at 10am I have my Supreme Court Summons (Judicial Review) where I have a 1/2 day hearing to challenge the criminal charges against me for the exact same charges as enforced in Equity. These charges were also laid by the DPP at the behest of the Crown Solicitors on behalf of the Secretary of FACS. I will be arguing on the grounds of denial of natural justice, abuse of process and being forced into a kind of dual jurisdictional “legal limbo” where I cannot even enter a plea.

Both of these matters are in open courts and I welcome the support of any people whom have an awareness and understanding of these matters and the importance of them being challenged. As my self represented legal arguments require significant skills and presentation and I am often faced with a highly qaulified very well funded legal opposition, I am always most appreciative of community support.

Both matters concern the same identical charges in every respect, in two different jurisdictions at once, and concern four alleged facebook posts on my personal timeline back in July 2017.

I am thankful the child in question in these matters  is now being restored to his family after so much unnecessary suffering though I doubt the child or his family will ever truly recover from what they have all had to endure. An entire global community was also impacted as these events were witnessed by so many people on both mainstream and social media. As an interesting point, right today thousands of people are still breaking these suppression laws, especially section 105, with regular posts on facebook stating a name, or sharing a picture, but it appears that Myself and Dr Andrew are the only two people to be charged. Even Family and Community Services themselves everyday breach their own 105 orders with pictures of children that have been through the closed children’s court, advertised for guardianship on  their facebook page.  

Click the image below to link to the Online Registry of my Court Dates

Big thanks again to those of you that have contributed to my legal go fund me fundraiser. I have raised about $2000 so far and I have also received some additional direct payments from philanthropic individuals gifting to  my “dana” (Generosity) Account. I thank you all very much for these funds as I doubt anyone will truly understand how much work it is to run at present four court matters self represented for nearly 20 months, and the impacts this has on your life and income.  I also now spend considerable amounts of my time as an unpaid advocate,  helping families traumatised by forced child removals.  As I have mentioned before, I believe the odds are stacked so unfairly against families that have had their children removed, it is near impossible for them to get any kind of real justice, the system appears to be one of the most unfair systems I have ever encountered. The lives of families that are victims of this system of forced child removals in my opinion does little to no service to those families ever recovering. I hope through my legal work to initiate some kind of significant systemic positive change and to give some of these families much needed support and some kind of hope for real quantifiable change in the future.

Lots of love to all and please remember “Never Ever Give Up”

All You Need Is Love xxx Pastor Paul

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