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Prayer For Peace 

Great Lord and Creator of all please help the human race. So much division, so much fear, so much greed, so much attachment to self and  so much suffering. I pray for all beings everywhere for an end to this war. Both the battles without and the battles within, stop this insanity now that rips at the core of my being , stop the killing now, stop the desecration of Mother Earth now. Governments and Corporations of the world will soon vanish, you are not leaders most of you are a shameful disgrace to human respect and dignity. You are not in control and the more desperately you try to force people to do your will the more it will slip through your little fingers. A man in uniform with a gun pulls me over in my van , I refuse to cooperate until he removes his gun , strangely , even though he has the weapon and the uniform he seems really uncomfortable like somewhere deep inside he knows I’m right. Even more strangely he lets me go, I guess it’s just too hard I only said that I do not understand or recognise his authority and that I had broken no law? Why did he pull me over ? What was he thinking ?  He was half my age, he was stressed and tense, very insecure and he had a gun. Man made fear and division smashing through our existence like some kind of sick disease , thank God for death the great leveller. I am not playing the game , people are innately good , I believe in Love, I am fearless, I am free and my hair looks weird today !!!

Remember everyone, we the people have the power, the power to change everything.

By the Grace of God go I.

Love to all xxx PRB

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